Can’t beat em join em!

Many yeast ago I had , what was to me, a major problem. My late husband had a hobby that would keep him up half the night. He would yell and scream while he was doing it and I would lay in bed yelling and screaming inside.

This would go on until 2 or so in the morning, most nights and days off.

What was he doing? Playing Strat-O-Matic baseball. Now you play it by computer, back then it was cards. All the players stats are on the cards, you roll the dice and if the red came up 1,2,3 you were on the hitters card and 4,5,6 it was the pitchers card. The two white dice combined where the number under the column (1,2,3 4 etc). Hard to explain, but easy if you had the cards in front of you. Strat-O-Matic makes each players cards to their real life stats.

He was in two leagues at the time. They have their own draft and make up their own team names and played by mail back then. You sent your instructions to the guy you were playing the series with and he sent his to you.

It was, at the time, a hobby that was dividing us.

One night I was in bed grumbling away and praying about it at the same time. God answered with one phrase “If you can’t beat em join em. I went downstairs and sat down and told my husband I would manage the other team. I did not know the instructions, nor what things meant but he helped me. After I was winning every game, he gave me his team to manage!

It did not take long for me to not mind the game and it actually brought us together!

If there is a hobby that is dividing you and family, get them to join, or ask him if you can join. I showed interest, tried to understand and then joined. It sure worked for me!

4 thoughts on “Can’t beat em join em!

  1. When DH and I first got married, e started playing World of Warcraft. It drove me INSANE that he would spend hours and hours online playing. I finally sat down and played. Now we’re both addicted, but it have lessened the contention, for sure.

  2. My husband is into Settler’s of Catan (think Risk meets monopoly). For awhile he and the guys would play once a month pretty much all night. Just two months ago my friend and I came to the realization that WE could play too. Now it has become a monthly activity with married couples and NO KIDS!

  3. This is a great idea – my husband loves when I play any game with him, boardgame, scrabble whatever. He’d be so shocked if I offered to play a video game.

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