Cheap Dates

I am playing along with Biblical Womanhood and frugal Friday. I would like to keep this in tune with the purpose of my blog and helping us all be the wife and woman we are to be.

Over the years I have learned ways to have cheap dates with your spouse. I would like to share some of these ideas with you. If there are any men reading this, you can do these too!

I love surprises and I like to have surprises for the ones I love as well. It seems like so many things take so much money and that is discouraging when you are broke or trying to pay things off.

Here are some things I found:

  • Leave special notes around, in the lunch bag, on the mirror, on the pillow etc. You can make it like a treasure hunt or just do it for fun. It can be hints about the special dinner you are having, whatever, be creative.
  • Plan a late dinner after the kids are in bed. Make it special with candles, your best dishes etc. It does not matter what you serve, even leftovers or a sandwich. What makes it special is the atmosphere and the kids in bed!
  • Go for a ride to a close but favorite spot. A park, in town to walk around, some town you have not seen before. I love doing this, I know the gas prices make this not do cheap, but I still love it. I moved to Texas just under two years ago, so there is so much I have not seen. This town for instance. It is a little over an hour away, but so quaint. The store was also the restaurant and a sporting goods place!
  • Learn a craft or hobby together. You can teach each other something if you each have your own crafty things you do.
  • Walk around a mall and people watch. Do you know how entertaining that can be?

I am sure you can come up with many more if you think about it. I would also be interested in any ideas you have. Check back at Biblical Womanhood for some more ideas in being frugal.

3 thoughts on “Cheap Dates

  1. Good ideas! We like to go on walks after dinner during warm weather. We also go to farmers markets and yard sales (not exactly romantic, but still fun!)

  2. I love farmers markets and yard sales. It is a lot of fun. Where I am in Texas they do not have them, and the ones that are a drive away are not like the ones in the Northeast. I do miss them!

  3. What wonderful ideas! I will have to save them for when I get married! :) Thanks so much for stopping by…glad you found me, even if it was by accident! :)Stop by again soon, and yes, that lighthouse picture is from Maine- good job!!! :)

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