My New Template

I have changed my template. I guess I did not need to tell you regulars that, you have eyes. I have wanted a 3 column one and have been slow about adding things to the sidebars since you sometimes lose them when you change templates.

My original was made by Gisele Jaquenod and I loved it, but wanted three columns. I tried to do it myself, but things would not line up, so I then asked her if she could do it. She has been most gracious to me and tried. It was not working out, but she made this one with a garden theme and I like it. No, it is not the pink one, but it is cute anyway and I thank her so much. If you have a blog and want to see some cute templates try her site. She has other things there as well.

Thanks Gis!

One thought on “My New Template

  1. awww dear thanks so so much :D
    i promesssss ill make a roses 3 columns now that i am getting a bit better the hang of the 3 cols hihihihi
    *hugs* and thanks for the feature :D

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