Ever think you are not getting through?

Do you sometimes feel your words are going into the air? You say things to hubby and you get a kinda “a huh” but not really any response?  Yeah, me too.

This year I am working on doing some pre-k teaching to my granddaughter. I am using kindergarten material since she was turning 5 and she seemed to have been doing ok at first. Then she started getting to where she was not so interested and wanted to do things her way. Being a crafty person my self and she was always interested in various crafts I took that approach as well.

School became a bit of a struggle even then. She would get through a page or two of the phonics book and want to quit FOR THE DAY! I would give breaks, call her back and try to go on. She was learning, got the sounds down and began reading. However, she was suddenly “not” be able to read a thing. Last week she told me “I can’t, I am too lazy for school” .  I was really wondering if anything was getting through this smart little girls head.

She plans and is creative. She remembers things. She uses words beyond her years and if she does not know what a word means she will use it and then ask if she used it right.  BUT, do a page of school work and I get “I can’t, I think I will color”.

Friday she came up to me with a balloon. She set it by my serger and said “I am spending Christmas eve here next year. I am going to call Santa up and tell him all I want for Christmas is to be a fairy. When he turns me into a fairy I will be fast and go into the corners and you need to catch me and put me in this balloon”. A short time later she came back with this fabric scrap made into a little dress. She set it next to the balloon and said “You will need to put this dress on me since my clothes will be too big, please catch me and put this on me before you put me in the balloon.”

Thinks like that but “can’t” learn? Hmmmm

The weekend came and sometime over the weekend I was showing my husband the balloon and dress. He picked up the balloon and here she had stuffed some batting in the balloon for a bed!  A bit later I closed our bedroom door and noticed a new sign on it. (Yes, I have signs all over. She puts signs on every door and some other things as well)  The new signs said “My duck is sick”. I was startled and got excited that she actually wrote it. Then, later, I thought “how did she write that, we never used that sentence in any book”. I then wondered if she copied words from something she had there.

Since I watch her all week while her mom works, when she came back this week I was going to ask her. To my surprise when she arrived she went right to her table and took paper and started writing. “The rat is not”  “The cat pecks”   I then asked what she wrote on the sign on my new door. Her reply “My duck is sick” … SHE IS LEARNING!!!  And listening!!!!

Yesterday she not only did a word search game and understood my directions but she, with help on some big words, read a whole page in a Children’s National Geographic magazine.

If you have kids and think they are not listening hang in there! The most likely are.  They will surprise you some day!

That goes for husband’s too ;)