He Went To….

Think I am going to say Jareds? No!

First, we do not have money for “fluff” and sometimes find it hard to pay the bills.  We also have 20 grand kids to buy for as well as 8 kids and 7 spouses.  Our kitchen and 2 bathrooms are in a state of remodeling (not by choice but because floors/plumbing or something else made it a necessity). Our washer is clunking and the dryer takes 2 hours to dry a load of clothes.

Get the picture?

My husband had me in the car returning from somewhere when he veered way off course. I asked where we were going, he laughed and told me he knew. I kept wondering and asking and he said for my present. I am thinking “washer?”

We pull into a MALL! We NEVER, NEVER go to a mall!

We walk in and he says “Every kiss begins with….”

Then we walked into Kay’s Jewelers.

I now have a beautiful open heart necklace. He said he has had overtime and we only ever get needs not real gifts, so he was giving me a real gift.

Then the washer started ripping our clothes.  I am not taking the necklace back!