New Schedule

This new schedule is tiring! I still am not able to sleep until Rick is home and still get up early. I have to admit, early is not as early as it was before. Now, I am lucky if I have my coffee in my hand when my granddaughter arrives, before I at least had sipped it!

Last weekend was the first weekend he did not have to work. We still had the cleaning job, but at least he had a day off on Saturday. We were able to spend some time together and it was a blessing.

We realized too, that while we need the money from the cleaning job, we can’t keep up this schedule. It is wearing us down. I guess age the hours are getting to us.  Sundays we go to church (75 miles away) then rush home, change and go to work. Usually there is an interruption making it after 8  till we are home and eating supper. Before we know it Monday is here and we start over again. Wednesday nights I clean by myself. While it is not a tough job it means I need to stay at work till Rick gets off (anywhere from 11:30PM on). All I can do is sit and wait.

More changes are ahead as we try to figure a way to make up the money but have it easier on these bodies and give us a much needed day off on a regular basis.

As I was thinking about this I was reminded by the Lord of how he took care of us through the last 3 + years and how he took care of me while I was a widow. Rick took this job in Faith. The pay was about $7 an hour less than what he was making in his previous job. However, he was working for a church that was straying so far from the truth that we could no longer stay there and God opened this door only 3 miles from home. This business paid more of the insurance than the church did so it saved us over $100 a week right there. We stepped out in faith and took the job knowing it would be only God that would get us through.

Shortly after he took it the plant had a lay off. Each week we prayed he would not lose his job and God kept him there. Then they cut hours to 24 a week. God got us through that without falling behind on a credit card, car loan or other bills. We did have to make smaller medical payments but we got through.

Work picked up, Rick got raises and then a promotion. Still not what he was making, but better than we were.  My cleaning job was a big asset and God used it to get us through and help us make ends meet. For me this was a real faith booster. We had this cleaning job while working at the church and needed the money, yet here we were making so much less and still seeing the needs met.

Now, he is still not making what he did back then and we feel we need to give up the cleaning. This is a real test of my faith.  We are so tired though that we see no answer but to let it go at the end of the year.

I know God will come through. More changes.