Speaking Literally

This week has been a crazy one. Well, it seems they all are, but my stress level has been a bit high this week. The Texas heat and drought has taken its toll on me and when other things pop up it hits me in a way I just want to sit and cry.

The other day was one of those days. Seems that every time I turned around something was not going right and added to the heat and the worry over the drought and not finding hay for our animals I felt I could not deal with things as they came up.

I was tired.

I was stressed.

My granddaughter would not take her nap so all I was doing was checking on her and getting more frustrated.

I also could not get the nap I so needed!

She came out and asked me to get the rubber band out of her hair as it was tangled and annoying her. Tangles it was and when I asked her how it got to be in such a mess she told me “mommy put it in there”. I assured her mommy did not put it in all tangled like that, but got it out. Big mistake.

She then had to go potty.

Finally I let her up, it was time for her mom to come so no point in keeping her down.

She came out and talked to my husband and I thought she looked different, but was so tired and upset that it did not register.

I sent her to nap with no bangs, she now had them. Mommy walked in and looked at her and grabbed her bangs as she did we also noticed short hair all over. Mind you her hair was to her butt, now it was to her shoulders in places and above that in other places. Much of it was still to her butt.

I was sick, Ready to cry. On my watch she has to pull this. I have guarded scissors since i had a child who cut her hair on Christmas eve, and cut she did! So I was very aware of watching scissors.

I am so thankful that mom was not mad at me. It is nice to have a sweet understanding step daughter.

Yesterday I asked my grand daughter why she cut her hair. She told me so it would grow longer and faster. I told her when you cut it then it is shorter and you have to grow it all back to where it was now. (It is now just off her shoulders!) She said  “NO, she told me if I get it cut it will grow longer and faster so I cut it to make it grow longer and faster”.

I was reminded again of how literally little ones take what we say. We may  go get dead ends trimmed to help our hair grow better,  but to them cut it shorter so it will grow longer and faster is heard. Makes sense to them since that is the way adults word it. Just remember, little ones speak literally. No matter what you say or idioms you use, they are taken literally to these little ones.

Moms, Dads, Grammies and PaPa’s , we need to watch our words carefully.