Speak the Truth in Love

Ephesians 4:15
“But speaking the truth in love…”

While sitting in a restaurant on Saturday the following took place:

4 yr old granddaughter (politely to waitress): Excuse me

waitress did not hear.

Again: Excuse me

Us: Honey what do you need?

Granddaughter: (oh so sweetly) I need to tell her these potatoes stink and do not taste good.

She was speaking softly and in love!

Yes, the Bible says it but sometimes it is so hard to do. This verse came to mind (when I got done laughing inside!) We tend to jump in and blurt or else ignore and suck it up.  I have thought about how many times I have done one of the two.

Sometimes we need to speak out and speak the truth in love, sometimes we need to shut up and pray. Either way, we need to do it in love and in God’s timing.

Pondering this a day later I was touched with the thoughts that in our families it can be just as wrong to suck it up as to blurt it out. Yes, sometimes God wants us to suck up and pray, but sometimes we are to be confrontational, in love.

In 1995 my first husband had a heart attack that changed me from being quiet and non confrontational outside the home¬† (OH, inside the home I could be !) to a fighter. I was fighting for my husband’s life and learned to speak softly but firmly to the doctors involved to get him the care needed. However, that heart attack also changed me in the home to speaking in love to my loved one and to making sure my words were minced with love and care. I became non confrontational (unless he needed me to jump up and grab the chips he was not supposed to be eating and thought I was not looking!)

Twelve years ago he went to glory, but I am still sucking things up when I should be speaking the truth in love.

My four year old granddaughter not only brought us a good laugh, but touched me to ask God to help me open my mouth when I should be saying something and not just keeping it inside and quiet.