Another Date Night

Yesterday my granddaughter arrived with a “good idea” .

Grammie, I have a great idea, why don’t you and Papa come over and spend the night at my house, we can have a sleep over.

I let her know that her house did not have enough beds for us and what would we do with the baby goat we need to bottle feed.

OK, well, we have a mattress that we can put on the floor and you can sleep there and Papa can stay home and take care of Tootles (Baby goat).

I told her I was going away for a week or so and Papa would not like me being gone another night before I go.

She said ok, she understood, but you could see the little mind working.

A bit later she said she has to talk to Papa, so I explained that we can call him but if he can’t answer the phone leave a message and he will call back. She called and I hear her saying:

Papa, can I spend the night with you and grammie?

Of course he said yes. I then told her she can’t be happy yet as she never asked her mother. She then called mommy who said yes also. I was never asked!

Several hours later she asked if she could call Papa again because she wanted to ask him something. I gave her the same talk about he may not answer, but he did.

I then hear:

Papa, can we go on a date night? I want to go out and eat.

Of course Papa said yes.  Did not matter that we had no money to go! Once again I was not consulted either.

Papa came home from work  and told her when a man takes a lady out on a date he always brings  these:

flowers for a date

Please note, hair not done, still in nightgown (her usual garb for the day!) but looking at her Papa with love.

I was so taken by her wide eyes and surprised look when he said what he did and handed her the flowers.  I wish I was ready with the picture at that point.

She then told me where she wanted to go: Someplace fancy where I can sit down and order my grilled cheese sandwich.

Applebees was the place that fit her bill here , and, we arrived and found out kids eat free on Tuesday. She was a cheap date to boot!

A memory I think she will always have.

Since I have been so quiet…

I decided to post a picture to Wordless Wednesday. These are pictures of a tree by the home my husband grew up in. This tree is over 100 years old and was huge. Trees where we live do not grow big, so this one is unusual and has many memories for my husband. It fell last Thursday taking out the cow shelter and part of the barn. My husband and his brother now need to work on getting it cut up, somehow.




As you can see it split in half and is too big to get the whole tree.