Something no parent or grandparent really wants to hear

This morning as I was writing an email my granddaughter came in to the room with a bit of a stricken look on her face. I could tell something was not right. She was holding her stomach.

S: Grammie, I must have grown up

Me: Why honey:

S: I think there is a baby in my belly

Me: What makes you think that?

S: I can hear it. I must have grown up and got a baby growing inside.

Me: What does it sound like? (All the while trying to keep from cracking a laugh)

S: Like it is drinking something

Me: You mean like a gurgling?

S: Yes, it is a baby in there drinking my insides, come out here and listen.

We walked to the living room where she took her drink and swallowed.

S: It is not doing it now.

Me: Explains about the drink going down and gurgling to the stomach and intestines etc. And explaining she is too young to have a baby and needs to grow up and get married first.

Shew…  Hopefully we will not hear about a baby in her belly again for many years to come.

Prayers Needed

I have a special little girl that needs prayer. God works in fascinating ways and having Miss S come into my life is no different. About 7 weeks ago I put a request on our local freecycle group asking if there was a local playgroup that my granddaughter could join. I keep her all day, every day and it is just us. Her mother and I felt she needed to play with others on some days.

A woman responded to my email saying that there was a local homeschool group that meets on Fridays and she would be welcome to join as there was kids of all ages there.

First Friday, rain.

Second Friday, cold and rain

Third Friday we went, it was cloudy and windy but we went. No one there.

Forth Friday, still no group.

I wrote the woman who responded to me and she told me her daughter was in the hospital and she had been down there and did not  know why no one else came. My normal response was concern for why her daughter was in the hospital. We wrote back and forth and this little girl was facing much of what I faced with my first husband. I felt the pain in the mother that I felt as I watched my late husband have the pain this little girl was having. Mom and I bonded, my pain of the past was now real again and God was using it to help someone else.

Pain. Even though Willie died over 11 years ago, it was pain again. However, this time the pain was for healing in me and comfort for the mom.

Now, I am asking for your prayers for Miss S. She is struggling with things no little girl should go through. Heart and Kidney problems are  not something you think of in a child. Parents hurt for the child, have to make decisions and watch for God to intervene and heal.  Miss S needs healing of the heart immediately. What has happened is something that usually lasts a week, but she has complications and the kidney disease is adding to it.

Please pray for them like it was your daughter. Parents and Child need prayers and we know God answers.

Thank you.