Family Encouragement- 3+ yr old style

Families are an encouragement, or should be, to each other.  When you are raising your own kids you often see more of the fighting/bickering/mine attitude. However, grand children often give you a whole other side.

You have time to relax in the period from kids leaving your nest and then bringing the grand kids over and I think that helps give a new perspective. I know if one of my kids pulled some of the stunts the grand kids have done I would not have had the patience to see the humor through the irritation. Well, I would have but it would have been much later.

I have been going to therapy for my  hand surgery . The hand therapist is an hour and 15 minutes away. Yesterday was the day to go, so I loaded my 3 yr 10 month old granddaughter in the car and off we went .

Conversation went something like this:

S: Grammie how fast are you going?

Me: I am going the speed limit

S: what is the speed limit

Me: 60

S:  What does your car say?

Me: 60

S: Grammie, how fast you going now? Are you going too fast?

Me: No, I am doing the speed limit

REPEAT THE ABOVE several times over

S: Grammie, I think you are going too slow

Me: No, the speed limit got slower

S: Why

Me: A school

S. Where is the sign and what does it say.

Me: Sign says 50

S. How fast are you going

Me: about 50


S: Now how fast are you going?

Me: The speed limit

S: I do not think so, I think you are going too fast. [looking at the median] The grass is going by us too fast.


Encouragement to obey, if you do not she tells! I got caught in the intersection on one of those lights that turn too fast, she told her parents I ran a red light with her!

On another note of encouragement, My dog appears to have bladder cancer and we may not have her much longer. She is not able to pee right and over the weekend it stopped coming totally. The vet has given her some meds to help her out and they seem to be helping some. We had to talk to Scout yesterday and she and Makita are good friends.

Because of the problem I have to watch Makita when she goes to be sure she is able to go. Makita squats, Scout squats. If a little stream comes out Scout claps, tells her what a good job she is doing and to do some more!

Oh that we all could be like little children and encourage one another.

Encourage a family member is something today. We all struggle with something and while I was not struggling with my speed, she was a reminder. She also was trying to be so helpful with Makita’s struggle.  Go out of your way to encourage in some way you have not done before.