Didn’t you learn anything?

Those where the words I heard from the Lord this morning. I am a worrier as hard as I try not to be, I worry. We have bills, who does not, but some are not getting paid off as quickly as needed to be. Medical bills have added up as well and now I am facing surgery, two surgeries to be exact and things are looking worse on the financial end.

A phone call yesterday made some of needs even greater.

Now what? Fret kicked in and upset along with it. Fear banged at my door big time. Sleep was broken and I was up by 3 AM.

Then I heard it.” Didn’t you learn anything?” How soon we forget. God reminded me of how, after my first husband died, I had nothing. No income, no job and needs. I watched Him provide over and over again. No Life insurance, yet HE provided for the funeral and burial of my husband.

When God provided by not giving me a job, not letting me get housing, not letting me stay where I wanted to stay (yes, provided by NOT)  HE took care of me. I had more than I could have imagined and with no full time job was also free to go to see my  daughter several states away. God provided the money to go. Luxuries I could not have provided myself.

HE has promised to supply our needs, not perceived needs, not wants, but our needs.

I know that there have been financial failures with our money. I know that we, like so many, waste money on things we think are needs or are just wants. I know this and this morning confessed my failures.

I am asking for a renewed mind. Renewed in trust and faith and renewed in knowing needs from wants from wishes. Renewed in priorities so that the spending can be in the order God wants and trust HIM to provide for all that is before us right now.

How soon we forget HIS faithfulness.

A Call for Help

I do not usually ask for others to help with needs but I am going to ask at this time. Not for me, but for someone I know from a yahoo group.

I say know, but let me explain. She has an embroidery design site as well as a few other groups and I have come to like her and her work. She is not pushy, but offers great bargains if you machine embroider especially.

This last week an email came from her with a tremendous offer for those that machine embroider, almost giving away a bunch of designs.

Her reason?  Here is what she wrote to me:

I am not sure how much information I can give out. I was told that its best never to give out where he is stationed and where he will be deployed to for there protection.

We are a family of 4 trying to get to see him off before he is deployed the end of this summer.
We can not fly because we have an autistic child and a dog being trained to protect him (I am training the dog to search for him  in case he should ever wander off).
So we have to drive which will take a couple days. This will cause a huge financial strain on our family since my husband is the only one that works and we are barely making ends meet.I am hoping to raise money from this sale to get us there to say good bye to him and let him know that we love him and that we support him.
I have not told my son that we are trying to come up with the money to see him off. I am really scared we will not come up with enough and don’t want to let him down. I am really hoping that this sale will get us there.
Her son is being deployed and they need to have money to go see him. I am asking for everyone to help even if it is a dollar or two. Our military serve us and  leave family to protect us and serve our country. The thought of this man leaving to who knows where and his family not seeing him for the last time really bothers me.
Here is the link to her site and the bargain offer of designs. Tuckers Treasures Design Offer. Here is her home page where there is a donate button for those wanting to just donate some money to help this family. As I said, a dollar or two will not kill us but will help them see their son.

Nap Time

OK, what do you do with a 3 year old that very definitely needs a nap but is refusing? She is so tired but will not lay still long enough to fall asleep. When her eyes get heavy, she wiggles all over, gets up, runs around the room etc.

After trying many things I finally thought of something I used when one of mine  got that way.  A Kitchen timer.

I set the timer and told her that if she did not lay there I was going to reset it every time I heard her or caught her out of the bed. The first day it was reset a zillion times. She was upset about the resetting but would not stay in bed. This was not working.

Next day, I tried a different approach. I told her if she did not lay still with her eyes closed I would reset it. She did not want me resetting it! So, she stayed there with her eyes closed. Several hours later woke up and stayed in bed waiting for the alarm to go off!! Finally she called me and asked if it was time to get up since it was on the zero but not ringing.  She then asked if she took a nap!

Yesterday, forget it. Nothing worked again, she was not falling for that trick again. The resetting did not phase her, she just wiggled and got up every time she felt she was falling asleep.

No naps and we have a real grump and nasty little girl by the time her mom comes.

Any ideas?