Recital Night

I love to go see Grandchildren perform. I do not live close to most of the grandkids, but this last weekend I had the pleasure, enjoyment, laughs and pride of seeing two of my granddaughters perform in their first dance recital.

Both girls are three years old and leading up to this recital one of them took the whole roll very seriously. I watch her every day and when I had a doctor appointment about 65 miles away my husband took the day off and we spent it in Austin with her.

Hubby likes fabric stores as much as I do so we were having fun going to the stores and looking around. Scout’s mother had sent a cute jumper for her to wear and she looked adorable. One problem was, she would not keep it down but kept pulling it up over her head. After the umpteenth time of telling her to keep her dress down I finally said “put your dress down. It is not the proper thing to be walking around with your dress over your head and your panties sticking out” She obey and pulled it down, ran her hands down it straightening it all out and remarked “It is tough being a princess”. (All this after she was told to not look under the bathroom stalls and watch other people going to the bathroom, to which grammie said “Stop that, young ladies do not peek under the door and look at other people” . Her answer? “Well, I am NOT a young lady”.

Here is the “princess” getting ready for her performance.

Getting ready

Watch both performances below! My Two granddaughters are the 3rd and 2nd from the right.

I am a winner

I have been so overwhelmed with things that my blog writing and reading have gone to the side for some time now. One day I was not feeling well and just sat here at the computer and did some blog reading. One link led to another and then I ended up on a blog named Maggie Makes I love blogs or sites that give tutorials and other info for sewing or embroidery and spent a bit of time hunting through.

I saw this:

maggiemakes bag I won

Then I see that there is a giveaway! Loved it! Not only that, but if it comes in time I can take it to PA with me when I will .HOPEFULLY.. hint hint dear daughter… be going to a flea market to really make use of it!

If you go to her site you can find a tutorial to make one for yourself. While there, look around she has some really great tutorials for other things as well.

Thank you Maggie Makes!! I can’t wait for it to get here!

Roadkill and a 3 year old

Anyone following either of my blogs knows I watch my 3 year old granddaughter every day. She and I are a team and love doing many of the same things. PAPA says I spoiled her by making her love animals so much, but I do not agree. Her dad is a hunter and watches animal programs with her, all Dora’s friends are animals as well as Diego, Kai Lan, Wonder Pets and many of the kids shows. Not sure why I get blamed!

One of the things we love to do is go for walks. Our favorite thing is to walk the 3.2 miles to where PAPA works and have lunch with him. This past Wednesday we did just that. Half way there is a laundromat with a nice clean bathroom. We usually make it that far before she has to go (ahem, good excuse anyway, usually I am getting bad by then too).

As we were leaving the laundromat there where the drive meets the road, was a roadkill. An opossum was laying there, mouth open and run over. There was no blood, just a dead opossum that had tire tracks on it, but she was fascinated.  She wanted to look at it and made lots of remarks about it’s teeth and big mouth.

For the next mile and half she talked about the opossum’s situation. (Well, with the exception of the short time she asked if we could please go to a garage sale because she really really wanted to go…. another love we both have!)  She asked about how it got hit and I was able to talk to her about playing in the street or crossing the street so she did not get hit. She informed me that if what happened to the opossum happened to her then her mom would be very sad.

She saw two squirrels playing in the road and told them to get out or they would end up like the opossum. More conversation about death followed and she informed me that if that happened to her mom she would be very sad.

All this week she has talked about the opossum and asking questions about it. Do they growl?  Can it growl now?  Do they bite? Can it bite now?

It has been a good time of learning for her and I want to use it to its fullest as she talks and asks questions. Not just about playing in the road and getting hit, but about death itself.

It has been learning for me too. Having  her by herself and not with other kids has given me opportunities that many times are missed when you are a parent and dealing with everything. Daycare does not provide this learning. However, for me it is one on one with her all day. Yes, I have things I should get done, things I need to get done, but they sit. At my age they sit for some time at times as I am too tired at night to stay up late and do them. However, God has blessed me with this little girl to enjoy, work with and help understand life and Him.

Use your opportunities to the best. Encourage their questions and not push them off.  Little ones learn and want to learn way more than we give them credit for at times!

Tribute to Mom

With mother’s day coming up many of us think about our moms. I do not live near my mom and most of my married life have not been able to share that day with her.

Let me tell you about my mom.

mom at ocean1

I am the oldest of 8 kids. Poor mom! We were a poor family, but she always had something on the table for us to eat, even when dad was out of work.  We lived in a small home, way too small for all of us, so us five girls shared a room and the boys had to share a room. Not easy and we certainly did not make it easy on mom! Bedtime was bedlam! We would fight, talk, play and carry on making her or dad come in many times to “talk” to us. Having raised 5 kids myself, I KNOW how much the eight of us put her through! She wanted peace and we certainly did not cooperate.

Allergies to milk made my family get goats. Our first goat hated mom, but she was persistent (mom and the goat!) and when dad or brothers were not around mom dealt with old Nanny.

Laundry was a chore, all those clothes and hanging on the line.

Even with all this, mom taught us to cook (yes, boys too) and do dishes. It was no easy task. We fought over dishes, did not do them clean and had to do them over again. We were “spoke to” many times but still made life rough on her.

When my first husband got an eye infection during his seminary training we ended up living with my parents for a bit so he could get to the specialist. Remember, I am the oldest, so this meant us, our two kids and the rest of my siblings all in this little house! My children were young and into things, and brought mom many a tear and a laugh while we were there.

After my husband finished seminary we moved back in with them for a short time while looking for a church. Now we had 4 kids, but some of my younger siblings were married and out of the house by then. Still a full house though!

I think through the years of the sacrificial love my mom gave us and how much she could have accomplished had she been like many mothers today. Mom is smart, funny and caring.  She could have gone far, but chose to be a mom and give it all she could.

Now, mom is in her 80’s. She has seen the death of her husband and the death of mine.  She has had a hard life but we still laugh when we get together or talk. She loves my current husband and that means much to me too.

Mom, I love you and thank you for all you have done over the years. You are a special lady and I can’t wait to see you again!!