Comments on Moderation

It is pretty bad when Blogher tells you that you have not posted in over two weeks. I feel like such a slacker with my blogs this year. Life gets going and things get out of hand.  Another problem has been comments. I was getting frustrated with many of the comments that were coming and began to worry about my readers. Lately there have been too many spam comments with links to who knows where and with all the viruses, trojans and worms out there I did not want to be having someone send readers to the death of their computers.

For that reason, all comments will be on moderation. I usually check mail several times a day, so they should go up quickly if I am allowing them.

For your protection, when you are on any blog or web site, hover over the links and see what comes up on the bottom bar of your browser. Many times someone will have a link that says one thing, but where it is going is somewhere other than what it says. Always double check.

Another thing to be cautious of is tiny urls, I used to use them but now have stepped back as people do not know where they are being sent. While mine are safe, someone else’s may not be and I never want anyone to question where I am sending them.

Please be careful out there! I want to try to keep you safe as well and will moderate comments till further notice.

Give Up or Press On?

Did you ever start to think of something and not really know why? Ever feel like you needed to write something to someone and had no idea why you felt you needed to write or say a certain thing? This happens to me at times and this post is one of those times.

Yesterday as we were driving to church a thought came in my head and left. Then while sitting in church it came back with more thoughts with it.

Now, before I get scolded for not listening to the sermon I will give a bit of a side track here. My husband and I are going to a church 75 miles away because we can’t find a Bible teaching church nearby. Since leaving the church he was working at we have been hunting, but continue to go to the one 75 miles away while looking close. The church we go to has a Monday night service allowing us to hunt on Sunday. Yesterday we went to a church and were disappointed once again. The pastor never said where he was preaching from, just read part of a verse and then went off. It was like the old sword drills you used to have in Sunday School, we hopped all over verse here and verse there but he kept talking about the verse he started with, you know, the one he never fully read or told us where it was from. There was no teaching, just a hop around verses that could have easily been done by reading a concordance. I was upset and discouraged when it was about done and then the thoughts from earlier came into my head again.

What brought them back? My discouragement about not finding a church yet. What were the thoughts?

Women, we stand by our man. Having been a pastor’s wife for almost 30 years I saw many marriages come close to breaking up or totally break. I saw many a cheating spouse cause so much harm to a family. We watched as one spouse, usually the wife, fought for the marriage and kept trying. Time went on and the spouse grew tired. The fight was taking too much and weariness and soon animosity was so strong that the fight ended. The spouse gave up.

What I observed in this was that often the “giving up” came just as the corner was ready to turn. The other person was coming around and now it was too late. The fight for the goal ended before the goal was reached with the person giving up at the 1 yard line.

Why I was thinking of the giving up right as the answer was just around the corner, and the various marriages that I had seen over the years  all hit me yesterday I do not know. Nor do I know why this has been pressing on me to write today, but if it is your situation pray for strength to hang on.

Maybe it is not a marriage, maybe, like us with finding a church, it is something else that you are just ready to give up on. Pray more.  My prayers with finding a church have been that God would lead us to one, or possibly He wants us to try to start one here. I do not know, but giving up was in my thoughts.

Thinking of the marriages helped me realize that maybe our church is just around the corner of time.

Whatever is pressing on you, pray and do not give up at the 1 yard line. HE has the answer and only HE can tell you when to give up.