Two Two Year Olds are Two toots!

Yesterday was a fun, funny and , ahhhhhhhhh what is an f word for tiring?

I had two of the four two year old granddaughters here. Normally I watch one, but Sarah needed some help and asked if I could take Shelby along with Scout. I would do it again in a heart beat, but let me share some of my day.

Shelby has been a worry to me. When we see her it is always when there is lots of family and she is more quiet and a bit withdrawn.  She is a thinker and likes to sit and color or paint and does not want to be disturbed! Here she is with her pumpkin at Halloween.

You can see her intensity.

Back to yesterday.

Shelby arrived at 6:45AM and started talking. Her mouth never stopped. She followed me everywhere and talked. Scout came at 7 AM and then it was different. Two two year olds are either loudly playing or loudly fighting!

Here is what I learned:

  • Sharing is a long four letter word. No matter what, it is not part of their vocabulary. Try as you will to teach them to share it does not comprehend. There was a break through though. Scout has three stuffed animals, one duck and two bears, that I do not make her share. Only rule I have is that if she is not sharing then they get put on my bed and not played with at all. Scout wanted to hold them and not share. Shelby had the duck, Scout the two bears and the fighting began. I reminded Scout of the rule and she said “no sharing” so I went to get the three animals. She learned! She said “OK, share” and they did!
  • TV watching is something that is to be fought over. One wants Little Einsteins the other needs to watch Handy Manny. If they both want the same thing and say it at the same time, one will quickly change what they want.
  • Food is also a source to argue about. If one wants mac and cheese, the other wants something else. So lunch is hot dogs, mac and cheese, chips and egg.
  • Nap time. Ohhhhhhhh nap time. One two year old takes her blanket and goes to bed on her own. The other screams and informs you she does not take naps. They both need to nap in the same room. Solution? Grammie naps too!
  • If you do something wrong, run into the kitchen and say “Grammie, I did not do…”  even before the other one complains that you did. (This is a lesson learned after having to sit in a chair for doing that same thing when Grammie saw you do it and you did not know she was watching when you did it.)

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Now, I look at these precious little ones and think about how we are with our Heavenly Father>

How are we with:

  • Sharing?
  • Putting others first?
  • Trying to get away with something we know we should not do and have done before and were disciplined?
  • Obeying?
  • Resting?

Are you any different than a two year old? I know I am not!

Better Late Than Never!

This giveaway is now over, winner will be announced Sunday!

I am coming! I am not forgetting. I am just slow.

It is …

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

That time again!!!

For my giveaway this time I am going to introduce you to the beginning of a new venture for me.

Until all this CPSIA began I was going to be launching my new shop, Smoochy Moosey, this month. Now I am reworking my ideas and hope to have some items up before the week is out. Unfortunatly they will not be childrens items.

However, it is not the 10th of February yet, so I can still make one of the items I planned on selling!  I would like you to please take note of my adorable model. She posed herself, and wanted to be sure that you had a good look at these legwarmers!

Now, the giveaway does not include the model!

I will make your little one a pair of legwarmers. If a boy, they will not have ruffles on the bottom, (unless that is your preference of course, I aim to please!) but will have cuffs instead. I will offer you the choice of several fabrics.

These are great for under dresses, night gowns or while potty training.

How can you have the chance to win?

  1. Comment!
  2. Make sure I have an email address to find you

I would also like your help with my new store. This will not get bonus points, well unless you really give good ideas…  ;)

  • Because of CPSIA  I am looking at a direction instead of kids things and want to go with pets. So, what would you call a pet line that fits in with Smoochy Moosey?
  • I will be having aprons, purses, dish towels and other adult items. How about a Moose name for guys things and ladies things?  Bullwinkle is already over used.

Any ideas?

Thanks for looking and giving me your 2 ¢ worth!

Fine print:

  • Ends Saturday, drawing will be Sunday sometime
  • Yes, most likely I will ship where you live!

For more giveaways check out Bloggy Giveaway!!!

Welcoming in 2009

What did you do to welcome in the New Year?

I was teasing my husband all day about taking me out dining and dancing (mind you I have ni idea how to dance, so he knew it was teasing).  He had a hard day at work and I was just having fun.

Know what we did do? Went to bed…. at 7PM!  We were so tired and had planned on doing something on the 1st so we went to bed. Exciting? Thrilling way to welcome in the New Year? Was to us! We needed it.

On the 1st we had a great time together running around Austin. I saw parts of Austin I had only heard about (I am not a Texan by birth, but a married in transplant, so there is much of this state I do not know).

With all the stresses of life it was fun to just have a nice relaxing day with my husband.  If it was not for a cough it would have been perfect.

The cough!

By that night I was sick. Sicker than I have been in a long time and it is still here with me. Fever, cough, sore throat, ears hurting. I am Vicksed up from feet to throat. Aches, face hurt, what a way to enter the New Year.

I do hope you are having a better beginning than I am.