My Tummy Hurts

Yesterday I was busy trying to get through my email so I could get to my sewing. While I was doing this I was interupted by my granddaughter’s little voice. When I looked down she was holding her shirt up a bit and saying “Grammie, my tummy hurts”. She then said “medicine?”.

While getting up I asked her if it felt like she had to go “poopy” and she said “no”. Calling her mom it was confirmed she has not been constipated or having any problems so I told her I would give her a rolaids and see what happens.

Scout and I went to the bathroom cabinet and I dug out the rolaids that was for gas or indigestion and handed her one. She held it and looked at it funny and then me funny, I told her to take it and see if it would make her tummy better.

She walked out to the TV and “Dora”.

Few minutes later: “Grammie, not working, tummy hurts”. As she turned around I saw her shirt up a bit and there she was holding the Rolaids on her belly button!

Trying not to laugh at her I told her try taking it and eating it and then it should work. She looked at the Rolaids again and said “OHHHHH” and ate it.

Five minutes later: “Grammie, worked! All better!”

Sometimes I wonder how many times things would be “all better” if we would just do things right— God’s way!

Please be aware of new laws re: sale of items for children! (Nationally)

Please read this and do something, take it seriously! It is to go into effect February 10th.

Please pass this on to anyone who has kids, makes products for kids, works with kids or has an interest in the financial state this will put an already suffering economy in!

Most of you will be unaware of the laws currently in affect that will be enforced beginning in February, 2009. These laws include clothing, toys, blankets, bibs, beds – basically *anything* that comes in contact with children ages 12 and under. You will no longer be able to sell children’s items without having testing for lead, phalates and flammability. To do so will be a felony. Donations to places such as the Salvation Army, etc, will – as it stands – more than likely not be allowed.

Additionally, how this affects YOU as a parent. Because of the testing requirements, many companies will be closing their doors. There will be a reduction in services and products available. The companies that do survive this law and are able to afford the testing, will be forced to raise their pricing to cover the testing costs. As it stands, it is looking to cost approximately $500 per unit. If a company has a number of different items available, they have to test each different unit. Say I make a shirt with long sleeves, and one with short sleeves, and another with a bow on the front. Each shirt HAS to be tested seperately, according the new CPSIA laws. This new law is going to put MANY MANY MANY small business completely out of business. This is going to cause a greater impact on our current recession, as those individuals and businesses who rely on the sales of their product, will now be searching for ways to survive – along with you, me and the rest of the country…then add to the fact that product pricing will then increase. It’s all a vicious cycle – all because our country was lacking laws for importing dangerous toys. Please do your homework and read up on the CPSIA laws and how they will affect you as the consumer. Contact your congressman/woman and Senator and ask them to look into the CPSIA and see for themselves the magnitude of devastation this is going to have nation-wide.

Do not be surprised if your congressman/woman know nothing of this law they passed. Most answers refer back to the old law and not the recent one. You may need to educate them!!

Sewing with a 2 year old

For those of you that sew and have little ones around you know the challenge it can be.

My sewing “center” is my Dining room. Right in the middle of everything.

I have my sewing machine on an old sewing cabinet against the wall

and my serger on the table. Patterns and fabric are also on the table

I do my cutting out on a cardboard cutting board set up on my chest freezer.

The highchair sets next to the freezer with the fabric that hangs over or the next project on it.

(I was told that she was “too big” to use the high chair, so I use it for other things. Yes, she just turned two last week,  but she informed me over a month ago.) Here she is at her Birthday Party last week

Now that you have seen my set up and how inconvenient it all is to work with a 2 year old, I will give some hints.

  1. make sure you have no needles, pins etc. within reach
  2. also make sure there are none in the small thread/serger scrap basket. These scraps have a tendency to walk away to the living room floor
  3. Do not fret about scraps all over the floor. It keeps them busy playing with something safe. (As long as you followed  suggestion #2!)
  4. Be sure to have pieces of fabric that is large enough for them to use and play with, but not large enough to upset you about letting the scrap go. (If you are like me almost all scraps are saved for something someday so parting with any for play is hard, but a must)
  5. Do not fret about scraps all over the floor. It keeps them busy.
  6. Find ways they can “help” with things, like carry a piece back to the ironing board with you.
  7. Turn on the TV to their favorite show and duct tape them to a chair

So far these hints have worked for me. I find that while sewing in the Dining room may not be ideal and I wish I had a nice sewing center, this really does work best with her around. I have space, who eats at the table anyway?, and I can see what she is up to. A blessing in disguise!

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