Trouble comes in 3’s, So does humor!

Have you ever watched Golden Girls? . I never watched it when it was originally on and do not  see it much now, but even still there is something that sticks: Sophia’s story intro!

“Now, picture this…”

So, I say to you,

Now Picture this“:

Lampasas Texas, August 26, 2008, about 2 PM. A storm comes up. We have not had rain and this was a welcomed sight, however, the goats were out. I needed to get them in quick as it was starting to come down hard. I ran out, got the Mama and her kid in, but she would not let Jack (the other young one) into the shed. I run Jack around to the porch and get him under cover. By now it is pouring.

Scout wakes from her nap and I give her some lunch. We then settle down to watch the welcome rain. It starts to thunder and Jack starts yelling. The rain is blowing all over the porch, the thunder is clapping and he is scared and getting wet.

I open the door and leave Scout by the door inside while I go out and try to comfort Jack and find a place for him to be dry.  I am in bare feet (as usual) and on a wet porch. At this point I saw lightning strike, heard it as well as the thunder and all 3 of us screamed and ran into the house.

You got it, wet me and wet goat! Scout was by the door and took off.

Now: Picture this:

Lampasas, TX  August 26, 2008, 6:30 PM I am going out to feed the goats. I have a bucket with food in one hand and am trying to unhook the mama goat but she is tangled. The two young kids are trying to get the bucket and jumping on me (did I tell you it rained in the afternoon??!!)  and I am trying to keep them away, untie her and my cell phone rings. I hold bucket and cell phone in one hand and get goat lose with the other. I now have three goats jumping on me. Oh, did I tell you it rained in the afternoon? Or that I had, HAD on a white shirt?

Well, I now had a BIG muddy hoof print on my left bxxb and belly and smaller ones on my shoulder and back.

Now, Picture this:

Lampasas, TX August 26, 2008, 7:30 PM I tie the dog out and go try to do something on the computer. I hear her barking, but that is not unusual when she wants to come in, but I did not think she was out there that long. After a bit I realized I was not hearing her and , like you would a child that is too quiet, I went to check.

My dog was gone! So was her cable and the hook that it hooks too. What am I picturing at this time? My dog running through the road and pastures with a 30 foot cable and a hook on the end. I knew she was going to get tangled somewhere!

I get on  shoes (remember I never wear them) and start to go hunting. I call her and hear a whimper. She was caught already, but where?  I call, she whimpers. It was coming from under the house! The CRAWLSPACE under the house!

I go to an opening and sure enough, there she was under there, in the middle, all tangled up.

Did I tell you it rained in the afternoon?

I got down, crawled under and watched for snakes, spiders etc as I went. I did tell you it rained, right? And that I had on a white shirt with hoof prints on it?

As I crawled I was hearing noises that were not coming from the dog. I did tell you it rained, right? I reached her and got her unhooked and found out what the noises were. Crawling with me were two little goats being nosy! They were both there, hunched down and crawling while the stray cat (now adopting us) stood by watching us.

We all crawled out, full of mud and laughter.

I do not know about you, but when things hit I try to find the humor to cope. It is funny now, but for me it was funny then too. If I did not let it be funny it could have got me angry or down.

Laugh, Be flexible and life takes on a new look. It works for me!

Homemaker Monday: Getting Fabrics!

Welcome to a new carnival! I am hoping we can all learn as weshare in Homemaking tasks.

I love to sew. In fact, this year I am taking on a big project for Christmas. With 8 kids, their spouses and 19 grandchildren by then I have a lot of gift giving. This year I am starting now to get on to it and am making much, if not all of the gifts.

Yes, I do realize that makes 35 gifts before I even go into any one else!

I thought I would like to share some fabric resources that I use and see if you have any you can share with me.

  • Freecycle: I have got bags of fabric from freecycle. Not always what I want, but when I take it I go through and then pass on what I do not like or know I would not use. This is a free source and one time someone was actually putting out huge lawn and leaf size bags of fabric. I am talking at least 15 -20 or more. I was not greedy and took 4. I got home, it was all new fabric, most with still having the yardage and price per yard on. There was a lot of the old polyester knits that I do not use much of so those were passed on. However, I got some really nice cottons, cotton knit, cordoroy and flannel out of it. Put away for future use.
  • Thrift stores: dig around and look. I got 5+ yards of a heavy fabric like placemats and some tablecloths are made of. It is a pretty plaid and was about $3 for the piece.
  • The Fabric Club: This is an online store that has some good specials. Sign up for their notices and you can see for yourself!
  • Yahoo group coops: I just found these recently and have just placed my first order. Look through the groups and check it out. I am in a number of them. Be warned, they are busy and you may want to subscribe to the digest view as there are a lot of emails. NewestablishedCoops give a heads up on what is going on out there also.  Colormeflannel, diaperfabricscoop, diaperfabricsupplies and HSBS are a few I belong to. You may wonder about the diaper sewing, I was going to make some cloth diapers, well was looking into it, and found these have other fabrics that are usefull for other things as well. There are other, many of them just do a fabric, sewing search. I am in ones for notions, thread etc. They are great.
  • Warm Biscuit: This is a great shop for some  vintage and unusual fabrics. While their prices are a bit higher on some things, they have great sale fabrics and fabrics you can’t find anywhere else. Have you ever heard of chalkboard fabric? Me either till I found some there!
  • Blog giveaways: I have given fabric as well as gotten fabric on giveaways. Just look around.
  • ebay: I saved this one for last, as I would imagine many people use it. If not, get in there and see what you can find! I have found some beautiful pieces on there for next to nothing. Also, when I was looking for Suzy Zoo fabric when my one granddaughter was on the way I found it there. Do not be afraid to ask sellers if they can get some other pattern for you. Some regularly sell fabric on there and I bought some from them and then asked if another one was available in their area. Different areas of the country have different prints and prices. I found everything I needed for that layette that way.
  • There is always Walmart, fabric stores etc. For me they are far away and the selection is not great, but when I am near I do look. I have been burned often by Walmart, so really check it over. Only once have I had a problem with a fabric on ebay. The print was crooked and would not line up right no matter what, but out of all I purchased online that was the only piece with a problem. Walmart did me in good one Easter when I was trying to make 11 dresses and a few boys vests. Check it over!

I hope these help you some. One more idea, check your mom’s, neighbor’s, friend’s stash! Maybe you can mooch!

For other homemaking ideas go to 11th Heaven Homemaking Haven.

Does it ever end?

The answer to this question is a hearty YES!!

Today I wonder if it will ever stop.  It seems that things just do not stop hitting. My husband’s job change brought a lot of change in our life. We knew it would, but we were not expecting all the world seeming to fall apart with it.

  • Our electricity decided to act up and we found out fire ants had got into the breaker box on the pole. Of course this was on our part and not the electric company’s part!
  • My husband’s job change meant getting used to getting up early and him working 10 hr days in heat. They have no air conditioning  and it is over 100 outside and with the furnaces and all inside it can get to 120.
  • His job also meant our insurance ended on the 31 of July and his new work does not start till October.
  • July 31 he gets a rash under his arm. We treat it like it was from the heat.
  • August 1st we know it is not heat related, but because of the insurance hangup he does not go to the Dr.
  • August 6 I make him
  • August 7th he has surgery for a bunch of abscessed sweat glands, put on some antibiotic that he reacts to and has to get changed (no insurance to cover it!)
  • All the while this is going on I am babysitting my granddaughter who has an ear infection and 105 fever.
  • I get a call from my daughter in Maine. Her husband has been sick and they now think he has a brain aneurysm. They called back and said it was a mass and they are now trying to figure out what to do.
  • I live in a house that needs lots of work and have a friend coming tomorrow. Working frantically to try to make sure the clutter and baby mess will be cleaned up, I decide to wash the bathroom rugs. One falls apart and breaks the washer.
  • I now have water all over the floor and some very wet rugs

This is only briefly what has been going on.

Romans 8:28 reads

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

I look at it all and wonder “How is this all working together for my good, our good?”  Seems my life has had more downs than ups at times. Why do others seem to have it smoother?

Feel like that?

Well, let me tell you what I have learned:

  • I can get upset and cry, disappointed and stressed, however, I need to look to the Lord and trust HIm
  • If my dependence is on Him, He will not let me down
  • I learned that I can’t do it all, I can’t live this life without His living it through me.
  • God wants our good, wants us to trust Him and what seems like so much adversary is really there to change us to be what He wants. It is there so we can see Him work and our faith built
  • Without adversary we will be weak, wishy washy and have no roots.  Look at other things in life, a tree has to put up with wind and rain and lightening to grow strong roots and be able to stand against all that comes to it. We are not different. All that life brings God is using. We can drift, we can make mistakes, but when we Trust Him He uses it for good.

I am thinking outloud here as I need to remind myself of all this so many times. You see, right now I am at the crying. I know that with our old home, with all the work it needs it takes a lot to try to have it look good inside. I want my friend from PA to see it looking the best it can and instead I have a bigger mess and no washer now. My pride is hurt for what I wanted. I am frustrated. I am tired and burned out. I need to remind myself that I need to trust God to work this all out and give me the wisdom I need.

How about you? Are you on the speed bumps, the hills and valleys also?  Trust Him.  We will make it! Honest we will!

WE Have A Winner!!

Barbara has won the Readers Digest. picked my winner for me and gave me #16. Barbara please respond in the next 48 hours or I will need to pick someone else.

I love Bloggy giveaway time, this year I was so busy I did not get to try for many of the 1050 giveaways out there. It was disappointing to me as I love to sit and look over all of them and try for things for my family and me.

I do have lots of fun in the giving though!

Hope you all enjoyed the giveaway.