That Explains It!

It is Works for me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer and I am going to share something that works for me with kids. People kids that is since anyone following this or Ain’t No Place To Put A Sticker knows I have goats now.

My granddaughter Scout is allergic to cows milk, at least to the kind you buy in the store. As a result, she needs goats milk.

I am a great fan of teaching your children in their terms, their understanding. A one year old understands different than a two year old or a ten year old. We have talked to Scout (17 months old) about her milk and it comes from the goats. Since I am not milking my goat yet I knew she did not fully understand.

Today I went to the farm where I get the goats milk. We happened to show up at milking time and what a blessing it was for us. They people were gracious enough to not only let us come back and Scout see the milk coming out as the goat was getting milked, but also let Scout give milking a try.

You never saw such a bug eyed girl when the milk came out of that funny bag, nor such a proud girl when she got to make the milk come out!

Whatever it is you are saying to your children, say it in words and pictures they understand. Let them see hows and whys of things that they can’t understand yet when it is at all possible. Demonstrate. Act like a kid if you need to for them to understand what you are saying.

So many times I have heard parents say something to a child too young to understand what is being said and then react because they did not understand and did what they were not supposed to.

Actually, same goes for us as adults. Too often, when we are new at something, we do not understand either. Remember how you reacted and felt then and make sure you explain well to your children.

Works for me!

Today I feel lost

Most of you know I watch one of my grand kids all day. We have fun together and I love it. Lately it as been a 3 ring circus with the addition of the bottle baby goat. Scout wants Jack out and playing with her, or in the house playing with her.  Jack is outside, sleeping on the porch and looks bored. I am inside thinking of all I need to and want to get done but it is hot and I am thrown off my schedule.

You see, Scout is away with her mom for a long weekend. I do not have her today, or at all till Tuesday.

So much to do.

It just feels so weird.  My husband said to take a nap, but I do not feel like it.

When she is here I have trouble accomplishing anything and think how I would love a day to myself. Well I have it, and I feel lost.

So does Jack.

Stay Home and Save Some Bucks

This blog started with a real burden for the younger women. In today’s society Biblical principles are ignored, even in many churches. Our young adults are growing up like the world because they have not been taught by the older generations. In fact, the older generation has been so caught up in the ways of the world that they do not remember the things that were morally, spiritually and right. Divorce is rampant. Materialism is the thing to strive for and a me first attitude prevails.

It was because of what the Word of God says here that I began this blog:

“Let the older women teach the younger women to love their husbands, love their children, be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be dishonored” (Titus 2:3-5)

As I look at the world today I am seeing more and more reason to step up and be what we are to be. I do not know about you, but with all the cost of things going up, gas going up and health care skyrocketing it seems to me that one way to help us and our families is to “be sensible and workers at home”.

Our wants and needs need to be clarified. “Keeping up with the Joneses” was poor to begin with but makes even less sense now.  Developing a frugal lifestyle, using what we have and being creative can be a great gift to the family and to our stress level.

Being keepers of the home and generating an income from our creativity or even just the amount we save the family by not working, is a great asset. I once saw a report about how the average working mom brings in such a small amount that it is often in the negative and cost for her to work outside the family.  A friend and I tested this. She had good credentials, but that meant better dressing, more traveling for a better paying job, a better second car (with payments and gas) as well as the lunches etc. It ended up costing her to work at a good paying job and she was better at home where meals could be planned, no second car payment and a less costly wardrobe. Also, less stress.

I am a grandmother, at home with one granddaughter. I look for frugal ways to stretch the budget. We have one car, if I need to keep it I do as my husband only works about 3 miles from home. He is practicing on his bike to be able to ride that far and save even more gas. (He is overweight, so this is a big undertaking for him and I am proud of him!)

One of the ways I look for frugal ideas is other blogs and Frugal Friday Posts at Biblical Womanhood. I am also looking for ways to make money from home. I did this as my kids were growing up. Each place we lived there was a different way. Now that I am in Texas I am trying to find my way here as well as online.

If you make money online, how did you get started?

King of the Castle

Is your husband king of the castle? Today something came across my desk that I want to talk about. We women have a problem sometimes. Unfortunately we do not always realize it either.

Your husband is a provider. He needs to feel like a provider. Many times we women, unknowingly, make him feel like less of a man. Maybe he is struggling to make ends meet and they are not meeting.  Maybe he has health problems and can’t work, or laid off or fired. How do we treat him consciously as well as unconsciously?

My husband is a hard worker. He is thoughtful, does his best and goes the extra mile. He works long hours, comes home tired and often there is much to do around here and he is tired. The temptation is to not want to let him sit down, but cut the grass, fix this or that etc.

Our ends also do not meet. Sometimes we get behind. Sometimes we do without things we should not do with out. We also do without needs.

Life is a struggle and with all the prices going up, gas getting out of the world and our health insurance making another big jump it is going to make things even harder.

How about you?

Now, how do we make our husbands feel? Many of us are stay at home moms and care for our children. I, personally, think this is the highest calling any woman can have and am all for it. Many find things to do at home for extra money as well as the ability to make the money we do have go farther. I babysit and clean offices one night a week and on weekends to help. But, how do we deal with our husbands when things are tight? Or when things need to be done at home?

I hear more and more women complain. Complain to their husbands, to others and in general about not making ends meet, about him not fixing stuff etc. Men have needs emotionally. They need to feel they are providing and appreciated even if ends aren’t meeting. They need to know you appreciate and respect them for their hard work, inability to work or trying to get a job.

How do you talk to him? Is it negative or positive (or positively negative)? Our words and actions communicate so much to him. If he knows that his efforts are appreciated and you are fully supporting him emotionally and physically then he can feel like King of His Castle.

I have learned that I need to give my husband the pleasure of resting when he gets home, even if there are things to be done. If I offer him the drink, be positive and give him time to rest, then tell him kindly that something needs to be fixed etc it works much better.

If I am positive and making sure he knows how much his efforts mean and how much I know he is trying things work much better.

I am not saying manipulate, I am saying doing it in love and care for him and his needs. Let him be king and he will make you queen. My husband responds to the positive. We may not be meeting the ends or just meeting them, but there is peace and happiness in our home because this works for me and will work for you also.

Just Say NO!

Today is Friday and I usually like to include some frugal ideas for family and join in the fun at Biblical Womanhood. Last night I was tired and did not get my blog written and this morning I was in bed and thought about it. Funny thing, by the time I got to the computer my thoughts were all jumbled up and the idea for frugal Friday fell out somewhere between here and the bedroom.

I have been trying not to blame it on old age, but I am getting worried. Stress? Maybe. Lack of sleep? Another idea. Or could it be that I am just a scatterbrained grammie? I hope not!

Actually, I tend to think it is stress. I do not know about you, but life takes a lot out of us with everything going on. Gas prices, food prices, health insurance costing more and paying out less. Add to that the problems that weather causes (a bad rain washed out our driveway, but others have tornadoes etc too),  health problems and all the other daily living things we tend to get a bit overwhelmed.

When I had my bloggy giveaway one thing I realized, so many of us are stressed with all that is expected of us and needs to be done. Single mom’s trying to raise the family, wives trying to fill their roll as wife and mom and some have no help from their husbands either.

With all this, how can we think? How can we plan to be frugal? Today it is becoming more and more of a necessity than an option.

One thing I am learning is “Just say no”. Sometimes it comes to that. Materialism has taken over our world. The toys are no longer cheap. Kids no longer need to use creativity to make things to play with, they want it all provided. When I was growing up, as well as when we raised our kids on a tight budget, creativity was the answer for play. Parents now think that kids need to have every toy out there. They feel their child will not do well in school if they are not filled with baby Einstein or Leap Frog or one of the other “learning” toys. Kids are pushed and not allowed to be kids.

What is wrong with saying “no” and letting them use their imagination? Imagination is frugal, but with great impact on development.  Creativity. It does not need to be bought.

Frugal is also saying “no” to ourselves. No to eating out every time we do not want to cook. No to running to the store for a few items. No to lobster. (Sorry, I am from Maine and living in Texas and dying for lobster!).

NO. A powerful word when followed through. Only two letters, but can be a huge help to the budget, to the stress and to the mind. Get going, say “no” and let you and your kids use some creativity!

For more frugal ideas go to Biblical Womanhood!