Blessings Of Giving

Bloggy Giveaway is over till July and I did not win anything this time.  NOTHING tangible that is.  However, I think I got the greatest gift of all from many bloggers. I had a giveaway here and at Ain’t No Place To Put A Sticker.  Here I asked you to tell me your greatest struggles as a wife, mother, single whatever your situation is at the time. On my other blog I was giving away some fabric and notions and asked what you like to make with fabric. I wanted to see what answers I would get. This blog I was hoping for ideas for posts as well as to get a feel for where people were at. My other blog I wanted to find what they like to do with it so I could look through what I had and give the winner something they could use.

Many of you really wrote things that were on your heart. I would challenge you to go read my comments for those two posts. There are many of them, but they are great.

When I picked the winners, I was amazed at their responses as well.  I think they blessed me way more than the blessing I will be to them. I did not ask permission to quote them, but I will tell you they both told me I as an encouragement and answer to prayer for them. Me, an answer to prayer. Nothing could be more of a blessing than to find out you prayed about what to give away and then be told you are an answer to prayer.

Today I am packing the packages and mailing them. I feel as good as if I won everything offered!

Thank you all for all you wrote and blessed me with this past week. I love you all.

We have a Winner!

Teri is the winner of the Pampering box!

Here is what Teri wrote :

I am having some treatments now that prevent me from being the grammy that I want to be. My daughter and her husband are good and loving parents, so it isn’t a need, just a joy! Breaks my heart a little. Anyway…we could all use some pampering,…Thank you.

I am so happy that she was the winner and want to thank all who commented.  I was really thrilled with how you all were so honest in telling me all you struggle with. I think if you read the comments you will find that whatever you are struggling with, someone else is also. We are not alone in our struggles.

Please come back and join me here, you can subscribe to the feed or get my update by email. I have my settings so that you will get the whole post in the feed or email and not just a teaser.

I found you all to be a blessing to me and want to thank you. I can’t wait for the next giveaway !

What A Week!

I do not know about you, but I have been trying to make it through the list of BloggyGiveaway. Over 900 giveaways! I have not written this week and I have not done anything more than I have needed to trying to get through that whole list as well as read all the comments I have been getting for what I am giving away.

Tomorrow is the big day, both my giveaways end tomorrow evening and I will be picking a winner. I am finding myself wishing I had something for everyone as the comments have all almost all been well thought out and exciting to read.

If you have not read any of them check out my two blogs Ain’t No Place To Put A Sticker and this one. Read the comments and it will touch your heart too.

If you have not gone to Bloggy Giveaways, hurry and get over there as many of the contests will be over today .

Go… Get a move on it… check them out!

Pamper Yourself

Contest Ends at midnight Saturday the 26th of April. (Central Time) Hurry Hurry and get your comment in!

It is Bloggy Giveaway week and I am participating with a giveaway.

This blog is will eventually be a blog from my heart. For those who are here for the first time or only for the giveaway, I have written about it here and here.

As women we tend to either totally pamper ourselves, or neglect ourselves. Neither is good. However, I find many, especially moms (or grammies who have the granddaughter all day and can’t let her out of your site for a minute—that would be me!) tend to not take the time for themselves like they should.

As my giveaway I am putting together a Pamper Me Box. I do not have it compete, but it will be a box with bath goodies and other things to pamper you.

I will be giving away one box, to one winner who follows these simple rules:

  • leave a comment by Saturday evening the 26th
  • in your comment, tell me something that you struggle with as a wife, mother, or single woman.
  • An email address or link to one so I can contact you. If you leave the link in your comment PLEASE write it out like this peggie dot loden at gmail dot com I hate spam robots!

That is it! You must include all 3 to be counted!

I am sorry but I will need to restrict this to USA only. If you are not in the USA, check with me and I wills see if I can send them elsewhere. I hate to omit anyone.

For more giveaways check out the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. Also check out my other blog for another giveaway.

Husband Appreciation

Today is Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood.  I was going to do this post as my post today and then realized it would fit in to the frugal idea as what I am going to say costs nothing but some of our time.

Does your husband know he is appreciated? How often do you let him know? Do you find little ways to tell him?

Some husbands have a hard time learning to show love and do things that really make their wife happy. If we are honest, we do too at times. Women are naturally, usually, able and think to show love but when we do not get what we want in return (love reciprocated, or him respond to our hinting) we can get pretty rotten!

Men need encouragement and they need to know that their efforts are noticed. If we can encourage them, then they will respond by realizing what, how and when to do more for us as well.

Think of things your husband does and find things to thank him for. It may be something as simple as he puts his clothes in the hamper (do you know how many men do not!). My husband thanks me for every meal and tells me it is good.  Do we find things to thank them for daily?

Tomorrow is Husband Appreciation Day according to 123 Greetings.  They have ecards for the occasion, why not send one to your husband? They are free.

Another place that I would recommend for helping us get into the habit of praising and encouraging our husbands is a site called The Generous Wife.  You can sign up for a daily tip for being a generous wife.

This is a frugal (downright cheap) way to better your marriage, make it more exciting and in the end better your husband and your relationship.

For more frugal ideas check out Biblical Womanhood!