Get The Bugs Out!

I have been reading some interesting facts about spiders. I chose spiders because they are about everywhere, where as some other bugs are local and my point may be missed.

Jumping Spider

Some interesting spider facts:

  • spiders come in all sizes, from barely visible to inches wide
  • they have a lifespan of a year or less, except a few like tarantulas which can live over 10 years
  • they are related to scorpions and ticks, a few other undesirables!
  • They make silk for their webs, nests, traps, egg sacks and other things
  • baby spiders can be cannibals and eat each other
  • egg sacs can hold a thousand or more eggs
  • when the babies are ready to go on their own the mother dies and the babies eat her
  • the female will often eat the male after mating

Of course these are not all the facts about spiders, but I sure found it interesting. No wonder you get one in the house and you find so many more. I was in the bathroom minding my own business (doing my business) when along side me comes this “piece of dust” walking. Now my house gets a lot of dust, but I never saw any of it walk away before. I have asked it to, but it never listened.

I thought maybe this time it was listening, but upon closer look it was a tiny baby spider. I knew this meant more somewhere.

If you are like me, you do not like bugs of any kind in the house, however, I was not sure I wanted to go on a baby spider hunt either. I thought maybe they would just go away by themselves.

Funny thing about spiders, they don’t. If you do not get them out, they move more in. Spiders in the light overhead light covering, spiders in the cabinets. They can get into the smallest holes and hide forever or until you take care of them.

You know, our lives can be like that, or our marriage.

Sometimes we let a little “spider” in and it hides, until it hatches more and they hatch more. Pretty soon our relationship and life are a mess and we wonder what happened.

What can be a spider in our life?

  • anger, tucked away
  • bitterness
  • a small lie
  • the new lie to cover the small one
  • control issues
  • deceit of any kind
  • unforgiveness
  • wrong thinking

About anything can become a bug hidden in the back of our minds and hearts. Anything that tears us or our spouse down.

Once I got upset because I felt my husband was saying something degrading to me in public. It was in my mind, but I did not say anything. I tried to bury it and forget it. This led to me being angry, bitter and unforgiving when it grew.

When I finally blew up for no reason at all and wondered why I remembered that “spider” I had let in there and talked to my hubby about it. He never meant it the way it sounded, and I was so sure he did! After the talk, forgiveness and my praying and asking God’s forgiveness for all the sin I let in my life because of that incident it was gone. I had cleaned house of that spider mess.

What about you? We all have “spiders” lurking in our lives. Why not pray and ask God to show you where the bugs are in your life?

Then let Him show you how to do the house cleaning!

Also in my search on spider eggs I found this and thought it would be fun way to take care of those spider eggs.

Frugal Book Finds

I have talked about reading to your baby in a previous post, but today I would like to share a cheap place to get those books. I use paperbackswap for my books as well as kids books.

You sign up by clicking on the logo and then add any unwanted books you have (kids or adults) and when someone asks for them you get points. You get points for putting up your first books as well as points when people ask for your books. I love it, I get rid of unwanted books and get all kinds of books that I do want!

Another place I find cheap books is Salvation Army stores, other thrift stores and yard sales.

One caution, when getting books a little one might chew on either wash it if washable or use a disinfecting spray made for kids toys etc.

For more frugal ideas go to Biblical Womanhood and follow the links. I would recommend looking over her site as you do, she has good ideas!

Read to your baby.

Do you read to your child? I have a fifteen month old granddaughter that I babysit every day. She has been pretty sick this week and crying a lot, something so unlike her. This baby is one of the happiest kids around and so much fun to watch normally.

I have a number of kids books here as she loves me to read to her. One book that was my all time favorite when my kids were little was “Are You My Mother”.

I had hunted for this book at yard sales and in the stores and could not find it. About a month ago I found it on

Monday, my poor little granddaughter was so sick and all she wanted to do was go in the car, so we went to the post office. The book had come! I was hoping that this would make her happy.

It is now Wednesday and I could not tell you how many times I have read the book over and over. She loves it too! In fact, I took her out on the porch and she pointed to a spot where a bird was building a nest in a can. I told her it was a bird’s nest, not even thinking about the book. Scout, put her finger to her mouth ans said “shhh baby birdie”. She had made the connection with the book!

Read to your baby! even when you think they are too young, they are learning. It works for me and my granddaughter!

This Weekend

It is coming. I am officially the owner of three new domains. I will only be using two of them. Had to buy the third one to get the one I wanted as he would only sell me the two together.

My blog will be moving as soon as I get my templates set up as I want them and I am excited. I plan on a little bit of a new direction, a whole different look and hopefully get to be a better blog.

I have been with blogger now and this will be all different, but I want more control over my blog and the look of it. I want to add pages, be able to eventually have a newsletter and have more interaction with my readers. I am nervous about the move, but think it will be better.

Since I am working around a toddler it may take me a bit of time to get it set up, but I am hoping that it will be up in a week. I may be slow at posting, so please be patient with me.

When the big move comes I will let you know, post my url and look for you there!