Live what you say to your kids!

As faithful readers know, I babysit one of my granddaughters all day, every day. She is a delight, but has brains beyond  her years of 3! Her association and quick thinking can be a real challenge on many days, a big source of humor on other days.   Yesterday was both.

Over the weekend my husband was finally getting at the rest of the painting in the living room. That is until he ran out of paint and time and could not finish the one wall.  Here is what it looked like when he got done rolling out all that was left on the roller just to use it up.


I asked my granddaughter if she liked the way PAPA painted the wall.

Nose turned up, eyes funny as if to say “I need to be polite, but it looks awful” she said a sarcastic “yeah” and, not missing a beat, pointed to the other walls


and said: “So, you painted the other walls?” in a tone that said “they look so good I know HE would not have done it”.

NO darling, PAPA did them all and then I explained.

Later that day I caught her outside on the porch with a pointed stick trying to poke the goat in the eye.

I screamed and made her come in and gave her a good talking to and a corner to sit in.

That night her dad talked to her about being mean to animals and never hitting or poking an animal. He went through all about being kind to animals when  granddaughter got into his face and put her finger on his nose and said “But Daddy, YOU are the one that throws rocks at the cats” walked away and would not listen to him any more on the subject.

Yes, this is a 3 yr old. Kids listen to our actions more than out words.

While the first incident with the paint was funny and an association that was humorous, the second one is a lesson in actions speak louder than words.

What ARE we really telling our children and grandchildren? They will learn what they see us do quicker and more meaningful than what our words say.

Today I Have Been Thinking

I do not know how many of you have been widowed and then remarried, but I have. I know how important it is to have a husband who is so secure in your love that he does not mind you talking about your first marriage. I have such a husband. He even encouraged me to have a picture of Willie up and never minds me talking or sharing things from my past.

Today I was thinking about how blessed I have been. Not that it has not come with some bittersweet parts, but I have been blessed with two wonderful husbands. As I thought on this my mind drifted to the fact that this August will be 10 years since the death of my first husband. The last few days I have been thinking on this for some reason.

My first husband was a pastor who studied from the Greek and Hebrew to prepare his sermons and really preached the Word. I miss that so much. Today’s pastor’s preach a watered down Word. Even though he was so strong on preaching the Word accurately  he also loved humor. Today I want to share with you two of his favorites.


And the second one:


I realize these will take some time, watch when you can. Relax and enjoy!

Thanks for letting me share!

Maybe She Just Forgot

Friday was a busy day., as is all my days lately. Scout, the granddaughter I babysit, is more and more active. She is into everything and trying to see how things work and what they do. She misses nothing that you do either. Always trying it or questioning it.

Friday her mom had to make a 3 hour drive after work so asked me to not let her nap so she would sleep in the car. HA! Fine for her to say! My husband was off on Friday so we did some errands and she was getting tired and grumpy by the time we were done. How was I to keep her up? I thought or one thing:


Yes, this baby loves yard sales.  She is a great shopper at 21 months and I love going with her. She will open the doors and drawers on furniture to make sure it works and if it does not she announces that very loudly. If they  have no toys, she protests to the people running it.

Friday we dropped my husband off at home and she and I went out to spend a few hours trying to keep her awake. All it took for her to go from over tired to wide awake was to tell her we were going to find some yard sales!

We went to one, then another. I let her look and play even if there was nothing I was interested in. We pulled up to one and they did not have much out. I said “what do you think?” She looked at the yard and said “nother one”. I said “you do not want to go look at this one?” She said “no, nother one” . So we drove around looking for a “nother one”.

Finally, I knew I had enought time to get her home and change her before her mom came.

Katie got there and picked her up and then I tried to get done all I needed to get done for the day, but only had a few hours before we were to go out to dinner with some friends. My mind was scrambling and time sped by.

We were meeting them at 7, it was now 6:15 and I needed to shower and dress. I put my clothes on the bed, showered, put on my face and then worked on my hair. While doing my hair I remembered the  goats were still in the pen from feeding and I needed to get them out again for a bit.

Throwing on my clothes I ran out, took care of them, came in and changed my shoes and hopped in the van to go. We made it just at 7. Ahhhhhhhh to sit down and relax for a bit.

We talked and time flew by. Soon it was a few hours later and I had to go to the bathroom, but when I went up someone was in there so I walked back to the table. Walking back I was looked at very funny by a few men and decided I was not going to go back and try the bathroom again because they were “weird”.

We went outside and stood out there talking for some time then went home. I had to put the goats up and then I was going to take care of computer work I never got to during the day.

I sat at the computer and my back itched.  I scratched. Something was not right. I scratched again to check. Nope, something definitely was not right.

I looked down my shirt.

Nope… not right at all.

I forgot to put my bra on!!!

Now, I am well endowed in that area. No wonder those men looked at me! And, I had to face my friends the next day when we had Angel Food Distribution!

Next time I see a woman walking around like I was I will think before I criticize. I am asking you to do the same. Maybe she just was so busy she forgot. Maybe the “she” you see is me, so please let me know!