It’ll be all right!

I can’t believe it has been 10 days since I last posted. Well, I guess I can believe it, but it sure has zipped by.

How do you handle life zipping by? Feel like you are missing something? Wondering where all the days went?

For me, I look back at the last year and wonder where it went. It seems like there have been many stress situations, trials, disappointments, hurts and struggles.

However, there has also been joys amid the pain, Answers to prayer among the trials and love amidst the hurts.

I am one that seems to be able to laugh at myself, find humor in situations and be bawling my eyes out at things one minute and then finding a humorous side and laughing through my tears. I think God blessed me with that ability.

I also have a husband whose favorite saying is “It’ll be all right”.  Sometimes I would get upset with him, but yet that saying brings a reminder that it WILL be all right.

Why will it be all right?

  • I am a child of God and He loves me and answers prayer
  • He has promised that “all things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose..” Romans 8:28
  • I am trusting MY God to handle MY life

I quoted Romans 8:28 and want to say something about it. So often people quote the first part and forget the last. If we are not a child of God, not born again, we can’t hold God to the first part of that verse. It is because we are His that things will work for God. If we are not His, they are not working for good.

So, while trials and struggles come and go in this life, we need to trust our Savior and let Him handle.

I learned long ago that my dependency is on God. Not my husband’s job or my ability to make money. Not my church. Not my husband. Not my car or home. Only God. He provides, supplies and opens doors never thought possible.

How have I made it thought this year, and all the years before? God.

I have not always trusted Him, and still get fearful, angry, revengeful at times, but usually I get turned around and put my trust where it belongs.

Now, you have problems?Trials? Hurts?

  • Trust Him!
  • Remember He will work it out
  • Cry
  • Laugh, Laugh, Laugh through it all
  • Remember: It’ll be all right!

Wake up and Smell the Baby

I have had five kids of my own, babysat numerous grandkids as well as other kids but it never ceases to amaze me what kids will get into.

You bring home that sweet little bundle of joy. Nothing could be cuddlier or more of a tug on your heart. You really love that little one. You bathe them, feed them, cuddle them. You talk to them, play with them and take cute pictures after you have dressed them all up.

Ohhhhhhhh how lovable!

They grow, play more by themselves and get more and more creative. What a nice time, you can watch them instead of having to entertain them. More time for you.

You put them down for that nap, look at them and wonder how God could have blessed you so with that sweet, wonderful, smart and creative child. Ahhhhhhh.

You lay down on the couch to catch a shut eye and wake up to the sounds coming from the back room. Cute sounds. Happy sounds.

You think, isn’t it nice that they wake up happy and playing now instead of screaming?

Or is it nice?

You open the door and the odor hits you. Then you look at the face smiling a big grin at you? What is that brown stuff? The odor tells you, but you do not want to believe it.

Yes, your sweet, cuddly, wonderful little one has discovered how to remove a diaper and have lots of fun! The only clean place is her hair. The netting on the pack-n-play is brown, as is the pillow, sheet, blankets and top of the pack-n-play.

She is standing there so innocent and smiling, you need to hunt for a place to grab her and pick her up without wearing it all yourself.

But… you still love her!

Good thing God feels the same about our messes, I am sure they look as bad to Him. But He loves us, takes us and cleans us.