Organizing a Mess

Monday did not catch me by surprise today! Let me get a cup of coffee and I will be back to write.

OK, coffee in hand (well, on desk at the moment) and hopefully I am awake enough to not write anything too drastic so that my family will not speak to me or own me. Believe me, it has happened before, like here.

I do not know about you, but some parts of homemaking are hard for me. I am more laid back, messes do not bother me till they get bad and I am not always running behind my granddaughter (or even myself for that matter) to make sure everything is picked up the minute it is done being used.

Scout, my granddaughter, rips paper, gets toys out, gets out my plastic containers and I get to them eventually, but not immediatly.

I am an all or nothing person. Either I am wacked out over making sure everything it spotless, or else I am so laid back it piles up.  Finding a middle road is hard for me. Having five kids at home I found it almost impossible!

I am a grandmother now, no kids at home but one I babysit all day. I want to do my sewing and she wants to do her playing. As a result, my husband can come home to pieces of scrap fabric all over the floor with the toys and Scout’s ripped up “mail”. Dishes from lunch in the sink (we do have a dishwasher, but…) .

Poor guy, works all day and this is what he comes home to. I have been working all day too, and that is part of the mess.

My husband is very supportive, I like to brag about that, but I also like him to come home to some semblance of order.

To do this I am trying:

  • Keep my sewing stuff on the table and sewing machine table (I have to use my dining room, so hiding it totally is out)
  • I cut out on the chest freezer and try to throw away any papers, scraps etc right away where Scout can’t find them. If she likes the fabric, even pieces 1/4″ wide are carried off.
  • Have her help pick up her “mail” before Papa gets here
  • Keep her books in one place and read to her in the chair by that place, she then keeps them near there too.
  • Have her high chair available in the Living room to put her drink, crayons etc on and she can get them and return them as she needs.
  • Dishes: we will not talk about that!

I need to get more organized with all this as I am working on a home sewing business and plan on opening an etsy store in the near future. Sewing has to be out, but I can keep it neat and organized.

Any tips you have are more than welcome to comment on. I can use it!

Just too busy

I do not know about you, but life can get pretty busy. Many of us moms and grammies are getting overwhelmed and feeling like we are not getting the time we need to do things. I know I am.

I have an 18 month old granddaughter here all day. She is a sweetheart and I would not trade her for anything, nor my time with her. As all of you know, this means keeping busy.

Take yesterday. I tried to send an email and she was right here by me, I was looking at her and talking to her as I worked. Then I hear a noise. Not a familiar noise. She had reached into the corner, grabbed a plastic bag full, yes very full, of packing peanuts. What I heard was her tearing the bag opened and peanuts flying everywhere. Before I could get up she began walking on them and the more I tried to get her the funnier that crushing under her feet seemed to her.

I dealt with that, and went out into the kitchen, her with me. I started cleaning up and look up to check on her and she is in the middle of my dining room table. Now let me tell you about my table.

It is full of stuff! I had gotten several bags of freecycled fabric and had it sorted on the table. I also had some of my husbands stuff on the table and in the middle of the table was an ice cream pail filled with diatamatious earth.  This was food safe for using on the animals food and keeping the bugs from our pantry and around the feed outside. To know the texture of this stuff, think corn starch.

Well, remember I said she was in the middle of the table? Remember where I said the DE was?  I now had fabric and baby and Rick’s tools filled with powder.

I am sure your days are much the same. How do we get time to do what we want? Sew, write our blog, read, crafts?

If you are like me, if you do not get a certain amount of time just for you it wears on you. I get depressed, feel a bit useless and the creative part of me just cries out and takes over.

My nights are often filled with other things. Bible Study, I work 1 night and weekends are working and other things even though I do not have the baby.

Some things I found help me, but not totally.

  • have a set nap time for the child. I put her down and if she does not sleep she will play or yell, but it is her bed time and she knows it.
  • try to have age relevant things for them to do. If they are bored they are going to be more demanding. Scout is getting into more so I need to get more grown up toys and puzzles etc. I think she does not like the toys here since she does not have to think to use them any more.
  • Do not go by age on boxes, toys etc. Go by your child’s development. Kids are not the same at a certain age. Look at the toy and see what is needed to work it. Is it a challenge for your child, but doable? Is it too easy? Too hard?  Make more noise than you or your child may want? look it over!
  • Make sure your child understands “mommy needs to sit down”. A child can understand when they hit a certain age. Scout understands now, but does not always want to! I give her a coloring page and I sit down too.
  • Use nap time for mommy time. Let go of the idea you need to work, do something for you. Work will always be there, but if we stress and fret about getting everything done at nap time we may not be there. Stress and not relaxing and taking our time plays a big toll on the body, mind and spirit.  Take care of yours!

I am still not getting things done that need to get done and need to work on more ways to find me time as well.  How do you handle it? What do you do when you have preschoolers at home and need to get things done? If you run an etsy business or other WAHM how do you accomplish it all and not feel shot?

Let me know!

Wake up and Smell the Baby

I have had five kids of my own, babysat numerous grandkids as well as other kids but it never ceases to amaze me what kids will get into.

You bring home that sweet little bundle of joy. Nothing could be cuddlier or more of a tug on your heart. You really love that little one. You bathe them, feed them, cuddle them. You talk to them, play with them and take cute pictures after you have dressed them all up.

Ohhhhhhhh how lovable!

They grow, play more by themselves and get more and more creative. What a nice time, you can watch them instead of having to entertain them. More time for you.

You put them down for that nap, look at them and wonder how God could have blessed you so with that sweet, wonderful, smart and creative child. Ahhhhhhh.

You lay down on the couch to catch a shut eye and wake up to the sounds coming from the back room. Cute sounds. Happy sounds.

You think, isn’t it nice that they wake up happy and playing now instead of screaming?

Or is it nice?

You open the door and the odor hits you. Then you look at the face smiling a big grin at you? What is that brown stuff? The odor tells you, but you do not want to believe it.

Yes, your sweet, cuddly, wonderful little one has discovered how to remove a diaper and have lots of fun! The only clean place is her hair. The netting on the pack-n-play is brown, as is the pillow, sheet, blankets and top of the pack-n-play.

She is standing there so innocent and smiling, you need to hunt for a place to grab her and pick her up without wearing it all yourself.

But… you still love her!

Good thing God feels the same about our messes, I am sure they look as bad to Him. But He loves us, takes us and cleans us.