Today I Have Been Thinking

I do not know how many of you have been widowed and then remarried, but I have. I know how important it is to have a husband who is so secure in your love that he does not mind you talking about your first marriage. I have such a husband. He even encouraged me to have a picture of Willie up and never minds me talking or sharing things from my past.

Today I was thinking about how blessed I have been. Not that it has not come with some bittersweet parts, but I have been blessed with two wonderful husbands. As I thought on this my mind drifted to the fact that this August will be 10 years since the death of my first husband. The last few days I have been thinking on this for some reason.

My first husband was a pastor who studied from the Greek and Hebrew to prepare his sermons and really preached the Word. I miss that so much. Today’s pastor’s preach a watered down Word. Even though he was so strong on preaching the Word accurately¬† he also loved humor. Today I want to share with you two of his favorites.


And the second one:


I realize these will take some time, watch when you can. Relax and enjoy!

Thanks for letting me share!

What if you were Mrs. Noah? (part 1)

Do you like to read and put yourself into the story? I usually do not, but this week I got to thinking about Noah. I began to wonder what happened in their family when Noah felt that God wanted him to build an ark. I thought about his wife.
For some background, read Genesis 6-8 when you have a chance. I will give some background here.
  • Noah was 500 years old when God asked him to build the ark
  • Noah had 3 boys and a wife
  • God gave the directions and specifications for all details of the ark, size, rooms, kinds of wood etc.
  • Noah’s neighbors were not the greatest people. God said that all mankind was evil, only Noah had faith in God and trusted Him.
  • Noah would need to have enough food for all the animals, places for them. God was going to send 2 or every kind of animal to Noah, and more of the clean animals and birds. He needed food for all of them and for the people.
  • The ark would contain only Noah’s family for people, Noah, his sons, their wives and Noah’s wife.
  • All other animals, birds, fish and people would die when it rained.
  • Noah did not know how long it would rain
  • Noah had never seen rain, but had to take God’s word for it that rain was coming.
  • God told Noah when to get into the ark; God sent the animals and closed the door of the ark
  • It rained for 40 days and 40 nights
  • The rain came, all the earth was in turmoil. It was a violent time with water coming down and shooting up.
  • They were in the ark about a year.

I may add more to that list, but that is a bit condensed.

Now, put yourself in Noah’s family. I want you to think. What about Noah’s wife? Noah just came home and told her that the Lord told him to build this ark. He knows God said it, he is in turmoil over the whole thing.

I think if it were today the conversation might go something like this:

Noah: Honey, you will not believe what God told me today. He told me to build an ark and…

Mrs. Noah: What is an ark, Noah?

Noah: I am not sure, but it is huge and it will float, it is going to rain.

Mrs. Noah: What is rain, Noah?

Noah: Water from the sky dear. It will pour down just like you dumped that bucket from the well over your head, but more of it and everywhere. And water will even come up out of the ground. There will be so much water the whole world will be covered.

Mrs. Noah: I can’t believe that.

Noah: I need to get a lot of wood and other things.

Mrs Noah: And where do you think we are going to get the money for that wood?

Noah: God will provide. Plus we have a lot of it growing out there.

Mrs. Noah: OH NO! If you cut down those trees the neighbors will see in our yard and there goes our privacy.

Noah: Honey, God said to do this!

Mrs. Noah: BUT, what about the neighbors? What will they think? Can you build it way back in the field?

Noah: rolls eyes

Noah now goes and begins getting the wood together. This is a big chore and takes a long time to even get enough to get started building. He brings it in and sets it in the yard. He collects other needed items as well, setting them down in stacks.

Out walks Mrs. Noah.

Mrs. Noah: Hey, I said not there! You are getting into my flower bed! Noah, this compulsion of yours is getting out of hand. Are you sure God told you to do this? Why would He tell you to make something like this? It has never done this thing called rain before, and how do you think you are going to get this all made. Remember, you are 500 years old, time for retirement. Sit back and relax dear! You are too old to build this huge thing.

Noah sighs, listens to his wife and keeps working. By now he is wondering if God did say it. It is not logical. It will take him forever to get this made. However, he keeps on working.

Out pops Mrs. Noah again. “Dear, do you think you have that board on their straight?” “You know, Naomi called and said that the town is making fun of us, they think you have lost your marbles doing this, they are preparing to get the code enforcer over here to check this thing out. She said that old Sarah and her husband are getting a petition signed to make us cover up the front by the road because it is an eyesore. Noah, why do you have to make this thing? Why can’t you just make something small and easily hidden? Are you really, really, really sure this is what God said?”

Noah: Yes dear, I am doing it by what God said. It has to be this big because we are going to have to live in it with two of every kind of animal that roams the earth as well as the birds and all. It will need to hold enough food and water for all of them and for us as well for a long, long time.

Mrs Noah: WHAT?? We are going to live in this with animals? You know I hate animals!

Noah: I am not fond of living with them either, but God says…

Mrs. Noah: I think you are crazy. How can we live with all those animals? How can we keep the lions from eating the others, or the dinosaurs from stepping on us or the mice.. well, I guess I do not care about the mice… eek. Noah! What about all the poop for all that time? Where are we going to put that? And how can we live with the noise and the smell? The possums roam at night, the owls hoot at night and the coyotes howl at night. They will keep us all up. Did you ever think of that Noah? Huh???

Mrs. Noah walks off mumbling and Noah feels discouraged because he does not have the support of his wife.

Come back tomorrow for part 2. For tonight, think about what if you were Noah’s wife? read Genesis if you have time.