Wonderful Brown Soap

I want to share something that works for me and I know will work for you also.

Today there are many soaps on the market, but the old tried and true ones are now considered outdated. In fact some are downright hard to find! We have all kinds of medicines, salves, laundry soaps etc out there, each for it’s own purpose. All of them make us feel we need to spend more money.

For many of us, we try to live frugally, try to live simple, yet we often feel there is nothing else to do but buy what is out there. I have some things I do that work and save money. I actually could not decide if I should put this on the works for me Wednesday or on the frugal Friday!

First, many of us make our own laundry soap. For some the ingredients are a bit hard to find, but I found a good source for them which I will share at the end. One of the ingredients in my recipe is Fels Naptha soap or Octagon soap. These are both a bar soap that is great for laundry and stains. I have some other uses too and want to share them with you now.

  1. Grate a small amount and let it set in a little water to make it soft. Knead with your fingers until it is “mushy” and pliable. Add sugar. Yes, sugar, plain white sugar. Make a paste out of it and knead till the sugar is softened. Put it on a boil, splinter or other infection and cover with a band aid. It will draw out any infection quickly. As a kid we used this on many infections and splinters and saved many a trip to the dr.!
  2. If you find you got into poison ivy or oak wash good in this soap. It will dry up the pimples. If you catch it right away, as soon as you see you got into it, wash in the soap and you will not get the poison ivy or it will not be very bad.
  3. Rub into clothing as soon as you see something that would stain. It will usually prevent a stain from setting in.
  4. Wash scrapes on kids (or yourself) when they slide on the pavement, fall off a bike etc. It will clear any germs that could cause an infection.
I know there are more uses, but these are the ones most used by me. When my kids were young I was never without this soap in the house. Now it is hard to find in some places. I have to drive over an hour to find a store that sells it, but did find a place I can order it from, Soaps Gone Buy has all kinds of soaps for laundry as well as other older soaps no longer found in the stores.

Give it a try! It Works for Me!