Whose Eyes Do YOU See With?

We all look through the world with different eyes. Our circumstances, our past and our hopes are just some of the things that change the way we look at things.

These eyes were looking at me when I got up this morning. For details go to Ain’t No Place To Put A Sticker and you can read the story. It changed the way I looked at things this morning.

Adult eyes

Kids eyes

As I have said in previous posts I watch one of my grand daughters. I am constantly reminded that I see the world through old eyes.

When we go outside and see nature all around, her way of looking at it is so different than mine. Not that what I see is bad, but what I see is not the same as hers.

We were on the porch and the birds were coming to the feeder. She is awed by them, how they eat, chase each other and come down on the porch to steal the cat food. Colors stand out to her, and then where they fly to when they leave.

The humming bird buzzes us and she is confused about it and asks if it is a bird, not a bee.

She is so taken by the flowers and the colors and sees flowers unnoticed by me. Grass is green. Roses are pink and white. Pretty clouds.

Inside, a box is a train, my gazelle exerciser is a swing. Scout swinging

What do we see in a pot lid? Or a plant?

Sometimes I think when we get older we miss an awful lot of life. Things God made for our enjoyment and pleasure we over look. Our wonderment gets lost in our fears, worries, hustle and bustle of the world.

Today, sit back, look at things as your child, grand child, niece or nephew views them and take in more of what God has for us.

There is a saying that says “take time to smell the roses”. If you want to smell you need to take time to see them. Today, look with that child, see the world in a whole new light. You may just learn something!

Who are you imitating and who is imitating you?

It happened Friday. It was as cute as could be, but so profound when you think of it in light of what Christ said.

My husband was sitting in his chair Friday morning, not really wanting to get up and get dressed for work. He began to get up and stretched with his arms looking like a jet plane and stood up as he did it making a moaning/roaring noise. Scout, our 14 month old granddaughter, watched her grampa intensely. He then told her that what he did was a stretch, and he did it again and told her again he was stretching. With that she “stretched” too and followed him to the kitchen “stretching” all the way. Noise and everything.

At various times through the day she would practice this new skill. It was cute, but it reminded me that no matter what we do, we are teaching our children something. Good or bad.

When we tell someone a half truth, our children learn that this is ok, and will then lie to you and others when they are old enough. We hide things, they see and learn. “If mommy can hide something she did or bought from daddy, then I can hide what I did from them”. What are we teaching them?

When little ones, even infants, are around think about everything you do. Do you want them imitating you? They will!

On the other side of the coin is are you an imitator? Christ said we are to be imitators of Him. We are to be like little children. Little children imitate. They will mimic what you say and do. We are to be the same way with what God tells us and shows us through Christ.

Watch what you say and do, someone is watching and following. Your actions speak louder to them than your words. If we are following Christ, we do not need to worry about them imitating us.


How was your Christmas? It is hard to believe you go through all the preparing and it is done in no time and gone. This year I also came down sick and spent much of the weekend before in bed. I am still dragging and needing a rest every day. I had the flu vaccine and ended up with flu like sickness. I think I will take my chances next year!

I did enjoy having family together. Everybody pitched in with the meal and all I had to do was the ham and potato salad. My husband made brisket and the rest was brought by the kids and my sister in law. We had 13 of us here, counting the three babies.

One thing that I am always amazed at is the little ones. They take everything in and try to figure it all out. The are awed by the lights and decorations, intrigued by the gifts and try to figure out why there is candy hanging on the tree and not being eaten.

I have never shied away from a Christmas tree when the kids were little, and I do not now with the grand kids. I just try to make them a bit child friendly. All my ornaments are non breakable, I have candy canes and other things for decorations. I found it rather amusing when I found the one year old granddaughter sitting under the tree with the dog. She would grab a candy cane off the tree, eat it to the hook and then let the dog finish it while she went for another.

Today I took her into the store to look for some sales and see what was there. She wanted to look at everything. In training her not to beg (at least I hope so!) I let her look at things, touch them and then we put the back. So far she is a great shopper! We look, feel, say ahhhhhh over and put it back and go to the next thing. I had so much fun with her today looking at all the Christmas stuff and then putting it back.

I was doing a bit of thinking as I watched her face and as I watched the others on Christmas day. God says we are to be like little children, and must come to Him as a child. Do we? Do we look at life for its beauty? To we look at His word for all we can find out? Are we awed by Him? Or are we clinging to the world, or our grown up attitudes and answers?

I found my self examining me and asking how much was I like this child? Or am I rushing through life not looking for what is there, what God may have for me, or want to say to me.

As the New year approaches, let’s get our child like faith in line with Him. Become as children in our faith, awe and discovery of what He has and Who He is.