Just too busy

I do not know about you, but life can get pretty busy. Many of us moms and grammies are getting overwhelmed and feeling like we are not getting the time we need to do things. I know I am.

I have an 18 month old granddaughter here all day. She is a sweetheart and I would not trade her for anything, nor my time with her. As all of you know, this means keeping busy.

Take yesterday. I tried to send an email and she was right here by me, I was looking at her and talking to her as I worked. Then I hear a noise. Not a familiar noise. She had reached into the corner, grabbed a plastic bag full, yes very full, of packing peanuts. What I heard was her tearing the bag opened and peanuts flying everywhere. Before I could get up she began walking on them and the more I tried to get her the funnier that crushing under her feet seemed to her.

I dealt with that, and went out into the kitchen, her with me. I started cleaning up and look up to check on her and she is in the middle of my dining room table. Now let me tell you about my table.

It is full of stuff! I had gotten several bags of freecycled fabric and had it sorted on the table. I also had some of my husbands stuff on the table and in the middle of the table was an ice cream pail filled with diatamatious earth.  This was food safe for using on the animals food and keeping the bugs from our pantry and around the feed outside. To know the texture of this stuff, think corn starch.

Well, remember I said she was in the middle of the table? Remember where I said the DE was?  I now had fabric and baby and Rick’s tools filled with powder.

I am sure your days are much the same. How do we get time to do what we want? Sew, write our blog, read, crafts?

If you are like me, if you do not get a certain amount of time just for you it wears on you. I get depressed, feel a bit useless and the creative part of me just cries out and takes over.

My nights are often filled with other things. Bible Study, I work 1 night and weekends are working and other things even though I do not have the baby.

Some things I found help me, but not totally.

  • have a set nap time for the child. I put her down and if she does not sleep she will play or yell, but it is her bed time and she knows it.
  • try to have age relevant things for them to do. If they are bored they are going to be more demanding. Scout is getting into more so I need to get more grown up toys and puzzles etc. I think she does not like the toys here since she does not have to think to use them any more.
  • Do not go by age on boxes, toys etc. Go by your child’s development. Kids are not the same at a certain age. Look at the toy and see what is needed to work it. Is it a challenge for your child, but doable? Is it too easy? Too hard?  Make more noise than you or your child may want? look it over!
  • Make sure your child understands “mommy needs to sit down”. A child can understand when they hit a certain age. Scout understands now, but does not always want to! I give her a coloring page and I sit down too.
  • Use nap time for mommy time. Let go of the idea you need to work, do something for you. Work will always be there, but if we stress and fret about getting everything done at nap time we may not be there. Stress and not relaxing and taking our time plays a big toll on the body, mind and spirit.  Take care of yours!

I am still not getting things done that need to get done and need to work on more ways to find me time as well.  How do you handle it? What do you do when you have preschoolers at home and need to get things done? If you run an etsy business or other WAHM how do you accomplish it all and not feel shot?

Let me know!

Stress Less

Today’s Works for me Wednesday and Rocks in My Dryer is supposed to be about Christmas. I have been thinking about Christmas anyway and decided to play along on the Christmas theme.

I have been busy, as I am sure most of you have, trying to get everything done and ready. I am doing something different this year though, I am not getting all upset and stressed over the day.

Most years I am so stressed as I try to make this, do that, get the stuff for a big meal and try to have it all together. This is the first year in a long time that I can remember not being all stressed about getting things done and perfect.

I still have some gifts to get together and some things to make, but not anything that has me stressed. It will take some time, but I believe it is all under control. If not, I am not stressing anyway!

It has taken many years, but I finally realized the meal will be there, people will eat and everything does not have to be perfect, nor does there need to be 25 different foods on the table. Keep it simple! I am having a big meal, but I am keeping it simple. I also have others bringing some of the meal too.

My gifts will be done, the food will be fairly easy and it should work our for a nice relaxing time.

Are you getting all stressed and ready to bite every one’s head off? STOP!!! Relax. It will work out, it does not need to be anything but simple, but simple can be elegant and easy! Enjoy the day, enjoy the family and make it all less stressful.