The Mouths of Babes

I love my grandkids. Scout is here all the time and I get to enjoy a two year old again. Scout is one of the only kids I have ever known that tells on herself. No need to lie, she just tells you what she did. “I broke this” “I spilled this” etc.

Her favorite past time now is the kittens. She will disappear and hide in the room with them. Very often I find her picking one up by the neck and playing with it. We “talk” about it and then she turns around and does it again.

The other day this is how she came to me:

“Hey Grammie, Look at the kitties HAVING FUN SHOPPING”. I be they were!

Today she said came to me and said “Grammie, you are having a birthday soon and I love you”  With that she began to sing “Happy Birthday” to me and then said she was going to give me a present. She was giving me “wrinkles”. Yup, you heard it! I asked several times, and she said the same thing over and over.What she means, I do not know, but at my age I do not want to hear the word! So, come Sunday I guess I will find out what “wrinkles” is.

I sure hope it is not the right word she is using!

My name is Peggie, and I am older

Growing older has been tough for me. I have never wanted to tell my age, avoid it at all costs. It is like my weight, who wants to tell people they weigh more than they should? I don’t! Nor do I want to tell people I am getting older.

Funny huh? We are all getting older, but I try to hide it. I get along great with people much younger than me and most people think I am in their age range. Most of the time I get away with it. Today at church I was point blank asked my age. I was horrified! I stumbled around, tried to avoid it by being funny (at least trying) and they would not let me, they had the nerve to push the issue. How dare they!

Finally I said it, I am 59. It sounded so old! Then they would not believe me. I told them I for sure was and they were sure I was not and was just telling them that since they pushed. I convinced them when I finally said “If I was going to lie about it I would go the other way”.

Well, my name is Peggie and I am 59. There it is out for the whole world to see.

However, I realized that being 59 qualifies me to be the older woman that is to teach the younger women. It is a command. It is also something that has been on my heart, but for so long I have not been able to admit I am older.

I hope to be able to write on topics that have to do with the verse Titus 3:5, the things older women are to teach younger women. I will have my email address on the sidebar and well as an IM for you to talk to me when I am online. Please feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer both personally and in the blog.

I hope we can grow together, to be the woman of God we are meant to be.