Sewing with a 2 year old

For those of you that sew and have little ones around you know the challenge it can be.

My sewing “center” is my Dining room. Right in the middle of everything.

I have my sewing machine on an old sewing cabinet against the wall

and my serger on the table. Patterns and fabric are also on the table

I do my cutting out on a cardboard cutting board set up on my chest freezer.

The highchair sets next to the freezer with the fabric that hangs over or the next project on it.

(I was told that she was “too big” to use the high chair, so I use it for other things. Yes, she just turned two last week,  but she informed me over a month ago.) Here she is at her Birthday Party last week

Now that you have seen my set up and how inconvenient it all is to work with a 2 year old, I will give some hints.

  1. make sure you have no needles, pins etc. within reach
  2. also make sure there are none in the small thread/serger scrap basket. These scraps have a tendency to walk away to the living room floor
  3. Do not fret about scraps all over the floor. It keeps them busy playing with something safe. (As long as you followed  suggestion #2!)
  4. Be sure to have pieces of fabric that is large enough for them to use and play with, but not large enough to upset you about letting the scrap go. (If you are like me almost all scraps are saved for something someday so parting with any for play is hard, but a must)
  5. Do not fret about scraps all over the floor. It keeps them busy.
  6. Find ways they can “help” with things, like carry a piece back to the ironing board with you.
  7. Turn on the TV to their favorite show and duct tape them to a chair

So far these hints have worked for me. I find that while sewing in the Dining room may not be ideal and I wish I had a nice sewing center, this really does work best with her around. I have space, who eats at the table anyway?, and I can see what she is up to. A blessing in disguise!

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WAHM and Grandmoms Help Needed

It is the Backwards edition of Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer. What this means is I get to ask you and hope that there are a lot of people out there who have “been there, done that” and know the answers!

This question is for all you WAHM’s. How did you start out? I am thinking of selling online, but want to know what inventory you started with (amount) how did you decide what to sell, how did you set up your first sale? (I mean the means of putting yourself out there).

I sew and have ideas but have never done anything with them. I also like other craft things as well, but thought I would start with sewing. I got a serger this week, a real blessing and cheap. (From someone who did not know how to use it, could not figure it out and sold it to get rid of it. It is basically new!)  I am now trying to learn so I can make professional seams. How did you find your niche?

I really would appreciate any info you can give me to help me get started.  Links too!

Hop on over to Rocks in my Dryer to help more people or get more answers!

Oh and one last question, How do you keep your house clean, care for a toddler and work when you do not have a seperate room to do all this in?

Trouble comes in 3’s, So does humor!

Have you ever watched Golden Girls? . I never watched it when it was originally on and do not  see it much now, but even still there is something that sticks: Sophia’s story intro!

“Now, picture this…”

So, I say to you,

Now Picture this“:

Lampasas Texas, August 26, 2008, about 2 PM. A storm comes up. We have not had rain and this was a welcomed sight, however, the goats were out. I needed to get them in quick as it was starting to come down hard. I ran out, got the Mama and her kid in, but she would not let Jack (the other young one) into the shed. I run Jack around to the porch and get him under cover. By now it is pouring.

Scout wakes from her nap and I give her some lunch. We then settle down to watch the welcome rain. It starts to thunder and Jack starts yelling. The rain is blowing all over the porch, the thunder is clapping and he is scared and getting wet.

I open the door and leave Scout by the door inside while I go out and try to comfort Jack and find a place for him to be dry.  I am in bare feet (as usual) and on a wet porch. At this point I saw lightning strike, heard it as well as the thunder and all 3 of us screamed and ran into the house.

You got it, wet me and wet goat! Scout was by the door and took off.

Now: Picture this:

Lampasas, TX  August 26, 2008, 6:30 PM I am going out to feed the goats. I have a bucket with food in one hand and am trying to unhook the mama goat but she is tangled. The two young kids are trying to get the bucket and jumping on me (did I tell you it rained in the afternoon??!!)  and I am trying to keep them away, untie her and my cell phone rings. I hold bucket and cell phone in one hand and get goat lose with the other. I now have three goats jumping on me. Oh, did I tell you it rained in the afternoon? Or that I had, HAD on a white shirt?

Well, I now had a BIG muddy hoof print on my left bxxb and belly and smaller ones on my shoulder and back.

Now, Picture this:

Lampasas, TX August 26, 2008, 7:30 PM I tie the dog out and go try to do something on the computer. I hear her barking, but that is not unusual when she wants to come in, but I did not think she was out there that long. After a bit I realized I was not hearing her and , like you would a child that is too quiet, I went to check.

My dog was gone! So was her cable and the hook that it hooks too. What am I picturing at this time? My dog running through the road and pastures with a 30 foot cable and a hook on the end. I knew she was going to get tangled somewhere!

I get on  shoes (remember I never wear them) and start to go hunting. I call her and hear a whimper. She was caught already, but where?  I call, she whimpers. It was coming from under the house! The CRAWLSPACE under the house!

I go to an opening and sure enough, there she was under there, in the middle, all tangled up.

Did I tell you it rained in the afternoon?

I got down, crawled under and watched for snakes, spiders etc as I went. I did tell you it rained, right? And that I had on a white shirt with hoof prints on it?

As I crawled I was hearing noises that were not coming from the dog. I did tell you it rained, right? I reached her and got her unhooked and found out what the noises were. Crawling with me were two little goats being nosy! They were both there, hunched down and crawling while the stray cat (now adopting us) stood by watching us.

We all crawled out, full of mud and laughter.

I do not know about you, but when things hit I try to find the humor to cope. It is funny now, but for me it was funny then too. If I did not let it be funny it could have got me angry or down.

Laugh, Be flexible and life takes on a new look. It works for me!

Design Remix

It is WFMW at Rocks in my Dryer.

I do not know about you, but I have many things around my home that need work. Some I can do, some I can’t and some I think I can’t when I really can.

I watch a few shows on HGTV and DIY that show me that there are things I can do with a very limited budget. I like design remix as well as some others. They show you how to take something and remake it into something else, and for little to no money. Just rearranging helps so much as well.

I saw something on the Design Remix with using a glaze and paint mixed and doing a wall with it. I thought it looked great, but could not even get the glaze at the time, or so I thought. I went to a yard sale, got a bucket of glaze, a sponging tool, some paint and other items for under $2 and did my headboard!

I watch these shows and get ideas when I can and them I have something to go by when I want to do something. My new project is taking some old windows, crackle painting them and then using for picture frames above my fireplace. Paint is oops paint from Lowes and crackle was the same, windows were from a friend who is moving and knew I was looking for them. Cost for three large windows, $7 plus what ever it will take me to frame the pictures in the opening. Believe me, it will not be much!

Try watching when you can and get ideas. You can remix the remix ideas and come up with your own as well!

Works for me!

That Explains It!

It is Works for me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer and I am going to share something that works for me with kids. People kids that is since anyone following this or Ain’t No Place To Put A Sticker knows I have goats now.

My granddaughter Scout is allergic to cows milk, at least to the kind you buy in the store. As a result, she needs goats milk.

I am a great fan of teaching your children in their terms, their understanding. A one year old understands different than a two year old or a ten year old. We have talked to Scout (17 months old) about her milk and it comes from the goats. Since I am not milking my goat yet I knew she did not fully understand.

Today I went to the farm where I get the goats milk. We happened to show up at milking time and what a blessing it was for us. They people were gracious enough to not only let us come back and Scout see the milk coming out as the goat was getting milked, but also let Scout give milking a try.

You never saw such a bug eyed girl when the milk came out of that funny bag, nor such a proud girl when she got to make the milk come out!

Whatever it is you are saying to your children, say it in words and pictures they understand. Let them see hows and whys of things that they can’t understand yet when it is at all possible. Demonstrate. Act like a kid if you need to for them to understand what you are saying.

So many times I have heard parents say something to a child too young to understand what is being said and then react because they did not understand and did what they were not supposed to.

Actually, same goes for us as adults. Too often, when we are new at something, we do not understand either. Remember how you reacted and felt then and make sure you explain well to your children.

Works for me!