What are you Passing Down?

I am not talking about outgrown clothing and such, but what of you is going to the next generation or to the one after that?

When my kids were all little I tried to let them dabble in what I was doing. Cake decorating, sewing etc were common in the house as well as trying various crafts. Some were not interested in any of them, others one here or there.

When the grandkids came along I babysat some of them and found they wanted to get into things I was doing also. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes frustrating! Like trying to take college classes and having them love the animation but then clicking something on my keyboard and losing all my work! (I mean this girl could lose a whole project in a second!) They also learned that grammie would print out coloring pages for them and had a whole vast amount of coloring at her fingertips! Way more than any coloring book could give and they could pick out what pictures they wanted.

When I moved from being close to the grand kids my heart just ached for the little ones to be around. I remarried, moved to Texas and that part of me was just crying out to share with the kids.

Then a blessing came and my step daughter (hate that word “step” these kids are like my own but being technical here) asked me if I would keep their baby when she was born. I was so thrilled. First, she was trusting me with their most valuable “possession” and that I would, again, have a little one to share and spend time with.

Now, 4 years later, I am dreading the day she starts school! We have fun together and she loves crafts! One day she plopped her little self, legs dangling off the chair and no where near reaching the foot peddle,  in front of my serger and said “OK Grammie, you use that machine and I will use this one”.  I explained that she had to get bigger and she replied “Oh dang it”.

She then began taking the scraps of fabric that came off the serger or I cut from sewing and saved them in her “collection”. I had started giving her crafts to do and made up her own craft box. It had markers, crayons, glue stick, scissors and other things as I found them. I was also given an endless stack of construction paper from a kids program cleaning out a closet so she has that available.

Before long she was taking the fabric scraps and making scenes on the paper by gluing them down in designs and drawing other parts. Since then she has done all kinds of things and I watch yard sales etc for any craft supplies she might be able to do.

She has signs hanging up all over the house, one to tell the cat not to sleep on the dogs bed, one to tell the dog not to eat her food when she gets up and has not finished it yet and one on the door to say “no boys allowed in this room”. Now, mind you. these signs need interpretation. The only one that you can read is Makita (my dogs name) but she is trying.

Last week she looked at a picture of me with her and her 3 cousins. It was taken about 3 years ago, so they were all little and the last one was only 2 months old so I was leaning on the couch helping her hold him.  When she looked at the picture the first thing out of her mouth the minute she saw it was “There you are grammie, taking good care of your grand kids”. My heart just jumped! What a joy to know that this is what she thinks of me… giving good care.

Friday I had to go to a meeting for my CASA child. I took her along as she is easy and usually very good. They asked her what her favorite things is to do with her grammie. Her answer “crafts”.

As I think of all this, my heart is so thrilled that she thinks I give good care and that I am passing on my love for crafts.

While all these thrill me, the one thing that thrills me even more is her love for Bible stories. We have devotional time every day before nap and she will not let me forget it. She is always so excited to learn more of the Bible. On the way home from the meeting mentioned above she she told me that sometimes she listens to me and sometimes she does not. I told her it was very good when she listens and asked her if she knew what it was called when she did not listen. She said “bad?” I told her it was called “sin”. She quickly associated it with our Old Testament stories we had been going to and said, covering her mouth in upset, “That means God will have to punish me!”  I then explained Grace to her and reminded her about Christ’s death for us.

She said “I love Jesus, He is alive again and I will see Him when I go to heaven”.

What a thrill in my heart to know that I am passing down not just worldly pleasures, but Jesus.

A Promise Made is…

broken. I know I was going to post about my vacation with my family. I promised in my other blog. I will, soon.  I always believed “A promise made is a debt unpaid” so it will happen.

There has been much going on inside me that I still can’t put into words. I am thinking much, discouraged about things in the world, in churches and in my own life. As I read and learn more and more of what God says I see how much I lack in my life and see how much the churches today are pulling away from Doctrine and what God’s word teaches and going the way of the world, but with a tone that sounds like it is right.

The Bible talks of the last days and what will happen to churches, pastor’s and people. Folks we are there! Frankly, it is both scary and exciting! Do you realize our Savior could call us from the clouds and we could be on our way up to meet Him in the air? This is next on the agenda!

Today I was reading in Colossians and came to this verse:

Colossians 3:17  “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.

The bold is mine. Think about your day, your thoughts, your words and your deeds. What have you done in His name? Everything we do should be done in His Name. EVERYTHING! We so often categorize things. Some we just do not think about doing for the Lord. When we clean, who are we doing it for? Should be done to please HIM.

This chapter is interesting as from here it goes on to talk about family relations as well and then says:

Whatever you do, do your work heartily as for the Lord rather than men; knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.  (verse 23-24).

Read the verses in between as well, but I want to hit on what we do, all we do, whether it be cleaning the toilet, making dinner or teaching Sunday School. Who are you doing it for?

We represent the Lord in all we do if we are saved. He is coming again, and the way the world is setting up it will be soon. Are you ready? IS what you are doing today something you will be pleased to be doing when HE comes? Will the things on your computer please HIM?  Or the things under your mattress? Hiding in your garage?  Or the attitude when you obey your husband? Or your lack of respect for your husband?

Remember: All we do is for Him, and we will face HIM for all we do. Let’s do all to please Him!

What did you get today:Two-Edged Sword or your ears scratched?

I can’t believe I have not posted in a month. It is not because I have not thought about it, but rather because I have been weighed down with this and other things. Life has been a stress for me like it has been for others. When I get stressed thinking can come hard. Knowing what to write, how to write it and having time when I am awake enough to think it through have been limited.

Last post I was talking about what is going on in our churches today. This is a real burden to me as I see people walking away from the Bible and not even knowing it. Pastor’s are not teaching the Word of God. There is a big difference between teaching about the Word and teaching the WORD.

One Sunday I was sitting in a service at the church we left last year. I was so amazed. People are sitting on the edge of their seat listening to a so called preacher who was proclaiming the word over the church. He used a verse from Job, pulled out of context. He said this was what “God” had told him for the church.

Let me back track, first, he began with a whole bunch of references, not much Scripture, no time to look up the references, just references that he said was saying such and such. Then he quoted a verse from Job. He paused long enough on that one that I could look it up while he was speaking. Oh the verse from his mouth sounded great, good verse to latch on to… till you read it in context. Knowing the rules of interpreting reading, you know to take things in context, be it the Bible or the Newspaper. I asked the questions: Who is saying this? (Answer, Job’s so called comforters, friends, what have you) What else did they say? (Job sinned, that was what brought all this on him) Was this truth that his sin brought this on? (NO) So, this man is not speaking truth in the context, so how can I take this verse that the preacher is proclaiming as truth? I need to see what else God says about it. I know the book to some degree, so I check at the end of the book of Job where God is speaking and find that God says in Job, that all that the comforters said about God was a lie and they needed to go repent and make sacrifices.  WHAT? The pastor and congregation are all “wowing” and Amenning this man and his teaching and proclaiming “the Word” as if it was some deep exciting truth? and God is saying it is a lie.

I sat there in unbelief. Why don’t people, and especially the pastor, realize that this is not Biblical teaching? It sounded good, the verse taken out of context sounded like a wonderful passage, yet no one knew enough Scripture to realize it was all unbiblical garbage?  This man then went on spouting off references again, so fast you can’t look them up or even write them down to check later. I was praying that people would not be deceived, the pastor would open his eyes. I was also asking the Lord how people can know so little of Scripture to fall for verses not even being read in context or compared to other Scripture and yipeeing and yahooing over untruth. Oh, it sounded so wonderful if you did not know how to study the Bible properly. It really made for great and exciting blessings, if it were truth. As I prayed and pondered I caught a reference he through out and passed on. I was praying “Lord, how can they all sit here, the pastor and his wife and no one see that they are not being taught THE WORD but were being taught false teaching?” The answer actually came in the reference I heard him say: (Now, I was praying, I did not go back and listen to whether this reference was actually what he said or if I only heard what God let me hear.)

2 Timothy 4:2-4

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Folks, the time has come, pastors now teach apart from the truth, to please itching ears. Church people take it in and are too lazy, don’t care, don’t know doctrine, or whatever to study what is being taught and make sure they are getting the pure Word of God.

Acts 17:11

These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

These Christians even questioned Paul’s teaching and found it truth. They were commended for it.  Do you come home from church and search the Scriptures to find out if you were told the truth? Do you know how to?

Does your pastor preach the WORD? or about it?  Preaching the Word is going through the Scriptures, verse by verse. Working your way through one book of the Bible and then another. Comparing Scripture to Scripture, in context.  Preaching about the Word is taking some topic, other book (Like I heard a whole series of sermons on “If you want to walk on water you need to get out of the boat”) with a verse splashed in here and there.

Many pastors have devotionals, get on a topic and pull verses here and there, but that is not teaching the Word.

A few years ago I taught a series in a class on How to Study the Bible. I was absolutely shocked that not one person knew the principles.

It is no wonder that todays church people, Christians, are thinking that books like “The Shack” “The Secret” ,”A Course In Miracles” and other such books are Biblically based, good books. There is no discernment because we have pastors who do not teach, are deceived themselves and the Word of God is not longer what we live by.

People want Barney sermons, not The word of God :

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  Hebrews 4:12

When we leave church we should have been pierced somewhere. We should have our thoughts discerned, opened and see the changes we need to ask God to make. It will not feel good. Yes, there will be things that will, at times feel good. We can see progress in us as well, but the whole idea of church is not to feel good, it is be be changed when we face the Word compared to what is in us.

What did your pastor teach today? Do you know how to dig into the Word and find out if it is truth? Did he teach in context? or pull verses here and there to “prove”his point?

We are in the last days. Dig in to the Word, see all God has there and be ready for what is next.