Loss of Income Help!

I need help. Since this is Frugal Friday I thought I would ask for ideas here.

It appears that our income may be cut by a third or more in the next few weeks, by the beginning of July anyway. Right now we are struggling, and this will make things even tighter.

I am not a person to spend wildly and have always tried to be fairly frugal and wise in our spending, however, this will be pushing it to the limit for awhile.

Have any of you had this happen? What were the first things you did to make ends meet on what you were getting?

I get all the frugal blogs, websites and newsletters I can find and have been working on what I can long before this happened, so I am feeling like I am going to need to cut in some unfamiliar ways and want to see what others who have faced this have done.

How have any of you learned what is your place in the WAHM area? I am sure I can do something, yet feel very uncreative right now. I assume it is the stress we have been under for some time, since I am normally a creative person.

SO… help me out dear bloggers! Those that work from home in any way, what do you do and how did you figure out to do it?

For frugal ideas, and I will check them all! go to Biblical Womanhood!