Return of the internet junkie

NO, I was not on vacation. Nor was I sick or dead. I am alive and well. Frustrated, but ok.

Friday we had a storm. The lightening was striking everywhere and the thunder was load. Hail the size of marbles to golf balls was coming down. Out went out satellite  TV and internet.  The TV came back on once the rain dyed down some, but not the  internet.  I had so much to do and can’t get it done during the day with Scout here so look to the evening.

I called the company and no one will speak to you. A recording told me what I already knew, there is a problem! I tried all kinds of numbers and all I could find out was “there is a problem and they are aware of it”. Dah.

This morning I found out that lightening had struck a tower, parts were needed and , as said before, they were working on it and aware of the problem.

I do not know about you, but I would think they would have a nice big lightening rod so this would not happen. Don’t they know how important the computer is? I missed reading everyone’s blogs and writing my own. I missed email. I missed sitting and looking at google. I MISSED THE INTERNET!!

I must be an internet junkie.

Well, now I am back. I am reading email and finding what others wrote on their blogs because their internet provider did not leave them stranded. I am reading google reader. I am catching up on email and I am all excited to be back on line!!


I am sooooo happy!!